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Each September 21st the world is invited to observe the UN International Day of Peace. It falls this year, a day before the fall Equinox that shows us the balance of night and day and invites us to move into the fall season with hope, love and the opportunity to transform our world. Enjoy this video produced for the UN peace day.  It is wonderful video that will inspire you through wisdom of the speakers and songs.





The time for peace is now!  Throughout our world billions of people desire peace.  Let us make peace be our way each day through forgiveness, compassion, integrity, tolerance, deep love and respect for one another.

May we move deeply into our hearts to reveal peace in our lives each day. Love and peace to all.

In peace, there is love,

Peacefully, Jane


Jane2 (469x640)

Jane Rosalea Brown, BA, CSW, USUI Reiki Master

Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking

Author, In Silence Discovering Self through Meditation

Author name: Jane Rosalea Booth




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On this Sept. 11th, may we open our hearts to love all and hold the vision and light of a peaceful world.

May I be at peace

May my heart remain open

May I awaken to the light of my own true nature

May I send peace and love to all

May all creation be blessed

May peace prevail on earth.

Enjoy this song of peace: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2lUdwbK8sk

Peacefully, Jane

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I Offer You Peace


Thanks to ‘Do As ONE”  http://www.doasone.org/    This a very wonderful site where you can meditate with others.

Hope to see you at the Meaford Farmer’s Market.  We will be displaying the Cloth of Peace at the market.  We are asking people to say “Yes” to peace by writing the word ‘yes’ on a small cloth and then we will put all the small “Yes” cloths on a larger 36″x36″ cloth to be added to the other banners!  Our Cloth of Peace is evolving…see some of the cloths at http://www.clothofpeace.wordpress.com



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May I extend a huge wave of love and peace to all who visit my blog today from all around the world.  Your desire for peace in your life is a blessing to all of us.  This blog is a way to unite those who want changes in their personal lives and choose a peaceful, forgiving path. In a world where many are protesting for their beliefs and their anger builds, may we send them love and compassion.  We are humans walking in this world at the same time and our hearts want peace.  A peaceful path will allow differences, understanding and freedom to allow our heart to reveal who we truly are. Let peace begin with me.
A HUGE peacewave will circle the Earth on Sept. 21st as millions of people celebrate the International Day of Peace! There will be concerts, med-mob meditations, prayer vigils and other events. You can watch 24-hours of peace events, starting in New Zealand!
There will be a special report from Stephen Dinan, Philip Hellmich, Amb. Chowdury, Dot Maver and others from the United Nations on Sept. 21st at 12:10 p.m. PT. This report will be followed immediately by the Peace One Day concert in London, featuring Elton John LIVE! You can watch these events on: http://www.peaceday.tv/   Conscious Internet TV channel broadcasting entertaining  humanitarian and educational events. Our annual featured broadcast is for the International Day of Peace.
Also, I encourage you to participate in this Peace Wave by joining the largest globally-synchronized meditation in history, go to: www.bethepeace.com
Meaford Cloth of Peace
In Meaford, ON, Canada, we begun a community peace project called the Cloth of Peace where people decorate a cloth with thoughts or pictures of peace.  We join them together and use them in community events.  We will be in our next community parade – The Meaford Annual Scarecrow Invasion – a fall parade on September 28th.
Start a Cloth of Peace in your community an watch it grow.  For details: please visit http://www.clothofpeace.wordpress.com
On this UN International Day of Peace, I celebrate peace with you!
Peacefully, Jane
Jane Rosalea Booth
Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking
Peaceful Path Holistic Workshops and Retreats
Reiki Master

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 Golden Light Centre Newsletter – January 2012

Happy New Year Dear Friends,

Here we are at 2012!  This is the year that has been talked about for centuries as the time of great evolution by raising of our consciousness. It is the end of the Mayan Calendar and time to create the peace and harmony that the Mayan’s predicted…to create a new way of being.

Peaceful Path Women’s Retreat Goes to New Mexico, May 14th-20th, 2012

This May, I am hosting my Peaceful Path Women’s Retreat in a most beautiful place, the Ghost Ranch in New Mexico.  We will be staying at this well-known ranch that was home to famous US artist, Georgia O’Keefe who reflected this area’s beauty in her works and site of “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.”  Archeologists have discovered some of the oldest dinosaurs here and continue to work on the ranch.

 Join me, May 14th – 20th, for a journey to the “Land of Enchantment” as New Mexico is called as it is truly an enchanting, rugged land that will surely open your heart, stir your soul as you experience its beauty and ancient energies.


I am following my dream to visit the southwest once again and soak in its rugged beauty.  Come with me for a week of relaxation, exploration of this mystical land, and open to the new way of being that will transform and enlighten, and of course, experience lots of fun together!

The retreat provides you with the perfect combination of support, guidance, and tools through holistic workshops, harmony circles, guided meditations and labyrinth walks, nature activities, creative expression and wonderful fireside gatherings under the brilliant starry skies of New Mexico. You will have ample time for solitude and quiet reflection.

Peaceful Path Women’s Retreat takes place on May 14 -20, 2012 at the Ghost Ranch, Albiquiu, New Mexico. Fee: $870.00 CAD/884.00 US includes Sat/Sun meals, lodgings, double accommodation with private baths, workshops and supplies.  Air Transportation Fare/Ground Transportation to and from the ranch are not provided in the fee.

To reserve your place at the retreat, a non-refundable $110.00 CAD/$107.US deposit is required now.  Final payment in March.

BOOK NOW – e-mail: goldenlightcentre@rogers.com (please cut and paste to your e-mail address bar)

Visit: Peaceful Path Women’s Retreat for more information and pictures of the Ghost Ranch

 Peaceful Path Meditation Workshops

 Workshops begin on Wednesday, January 11, Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Jane’s home,

Meaford   Fee: $11.30 per workshop.   Looking forward to seeing you.  This Limited to 10 participants.  Bring a candle with holder.  We will go down to the beach for a few minutes to welcome the New Year.

 Reiki with Sound Therapy Sessions

With Jane Booth Robertson, Reiki Master, CRA

 I have been witness to the wonderful healing power of Reiki in my recent sessions.  I am expanding my services to include more sessions this year.

 Private sessions for energy balancing, stress reduction and relaxation.

 Fee: $60.00 1 ½ hour session Appointmens in Meaford,  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

E-mail: goldenlightcentre@rogers.com  for an appointment

  REIKI I CERTIFICATION CLASS – Saturday, January 21st. 9-5pm. $150.00

Register now by replying to this e-mail.  Limited to 4 participants

 To Register: e-mail: goldenlightcentre@rogers.com 

Jane’s Peaceful Path Blog

 I invite you to join me daily on my blog https://janebooth.wordpress.com where you will find inspirational thoughts, quotes, my articles, guest articles, awesome videos and music.  It is a place to share your thoughts and I welcome your articles or events to post.

 Cloth of Peace – Great Winter Project

 Making peace prayers visible!

The Cloth of Peace is a community project to promote inner peace and to express our desire for community and world peace.   It is such a wonderful expression of love and peace and a creative way for a community to come together.  The Cloth of Peace is made from decorated pieces of cloth that measure 36” x 36” and are sewn together. or simply decorate a 36″ x36″ cloth.  They been created by children, individuals and groups. They are used for peace activities – children’s groups, school peace themes, parades, peace gatherings, altar cloths, peace concerts, meditation groups, museum displays etc.

 Create a Cloth of Peace this winter.  We will be collecting them in the spring.  Please let me know if you will be creating one with your family or friends. 

 The Cloth is growing and growing…peace by peace!  http://clothofpeace.wordpress.com

 The Meaford Peaceful Path Gatherers

e-mail: goldenlightcentre@rogers.com  Jane Robertson

Love this song.  Enjoy! “Let There Be Peace on Earth” with lyrics and Vince Gill and Daughter

“Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

 Wishing you all a year fill with abundance, harmony and peace

 With peace and love,


 Jane BoothRobertson, BA, CSW, M.Div

Author – In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

USUI Reiki Master

Peaceful Path Women’s Retreat

Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking

The Golden Light Centre for Well-Being Inc.









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What afun time we had at the Meaford, ON Canada Day Parade yesterday.  We began by meeting at the arena where the fire department, armed forces and various community floats were lining up for the parade.


 We followed the Beautiful Joe Park group with their dogs who were so well behaved.  One little dog stopped for a well-needed drink in the middle of the parade!  She was tired and wanted to lay down but after a nice drink she carried on and made it to the end of the parade.

People are starting to recognize the Cloth of Peace as a community symbol for harmony and peace as they clapped as we walked along holding the cloths that were draped over a long rod with a person at each end of the rod.  People were waving their Canadian flags and children were cheering and having a great time watching the parade.

What was most fun was seeing people I knew as I walked along.   My friend Lani, who has had surgery recently, surprised me by being at the parade and came over to give me big hugs.  Living in a small town is really wonderful.  I could feel all the genuine love and joy as we all celebrated being blessed that we live in this wonderful community and country.

 Meaford’s Cloth of Peace

Thanks to all the Cloth of Peace parade carriers who supported our project.  Thanks for creating and spreading  peace to everyone in our  Meaford communities  and to the rest of the world!  Thanks to our Canadian Armed Forces for their dedication and sacrifices to keep our country safe and free. 

Here are a few pictures at the end of the parade at the Meaford Harbour where there was the raising of the Canadian flag with the armed forces and veterans.  We laid the cloths on the ground so people could view them.

                      Grannies for Africa, Cloth of Peace

“All we are saying…is give peace a chance.”

Peace and joy to all,


Visit Jane Booth-Robertson at www.goldenlightcentre.com and www.in-silence.net for her transformative book, In Silence Discovering Self through Meditation

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