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Jane Rosalea Booth-Robertson

Dear Friends,

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of the New Year. As we celebrate the beginning of a New Year, our hearts open to the wonders that the New Year will bring. I’m sure you are thinking about how you will step into the New Year. For me, three words came to mind as I thought about how I would step into the New Year – extend, expand and evolve. I feel that all of us are being called to these three actions as we are lifted into new awareness and deeper understanding of who we are.

My 2013 Peaceful Path programs will assist you on your pathway to wholeness. As you step into the New Year, be ready to extend your being, to expand your cosmic awareness and evolve into your true self.

Through my one day mini retreat, spring weekend retreat (location to be announced soon) weeking workshops or Inner Peace Reiki/Natural Sound sessions or Reiki Certification Classes, you will feel empowered to extend, expand and evolve naturally with ease. As your mind and body relax and your heart opens to greater light, transformation, creativity and new beginnings occur. It is my honour to share this time with you and look forward to you participating in my programs and services. May we extend…expand…evolve…in harmony.

Saturday, January 26th, 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Location: Meaford, ON

When women gather something magical happens – understanding, compassion, laughter and joy! All the qualities that we want to have in our daily lives are revealed to us at the Peaceful Path Workshops and Retreats. I am offering One Day Mini Retreats in January. The Group will be limited to 8 participants.

Join me for this Spiritual Retreat Day where you can relax and de-stress through some of the programs that we love at our full weekend retreats – meditation, sound and music, creative and healing arts activities and discussion. Leave feeling relaxed, renewed, empowered and inspired.

This retreat is almost full so please register soon. Retreat fee due by January 18th, 2013.

To Register: E-mail goldenlightcentre@rogers.com Registration form is attached
Jane will give you directions given when you register
Fee: $75.00 – includes workshops and supplies – Lunch not included


If you are feeling stressed, achy and tired –
If you are looking for more harmony and inner peace-
If you are not sleeping well and cannot relax-
Reiki is a natural and holistic way to assist your well-being.

Book an Inner Peace Reiki Appointment Today
Appointments are available Monday – Friday in Meaford and surrounding area (extra charge for home visits)
E-mail: goldenlightcentre@rogers.com Subject: Reiki or call 519-538-5977 for an appointment
Fee: $55.00 1 ½ hour session

Visit: http://innerpeacereiki.wordpress.com I am preparing to offer Reiki sessions to Horses. I owned three quarter horses and I have a passion to return to the equine world. Reiki practitioners are having amazing results with horses.
Each week we gather to explore holistic (body-mind-spirit) topics and meditations that will awaken your consciousness, expand your intuitive abilities, relax your mind and body and deepen your spiritual awareness. Through meditation your body and mind begins to relax and calm and your learn how to bring more peace into your daily life.

Explore and discover:
• simple methods and tools for relaxation
• mindfulness breathing that brings you into the moment
• the holistic approach of the body-mind-spirit connection
• ways to connect with your inner guidance to assist your spiritual awareness, personal growth and knowing
• a deep connection to nature
• a place of peace and wisdom within
Join the Meaford Wednesday evening Peaceful Path Gathering
Register Today – limited seating – Contact Jane at: e-mail register for January 2013. Meaford, Ontario Begins January 8th, 2013 Fee: $11.30 per evening


I will let you know the location of this retreat in the near future. It will be in late May or early June. Looking forward to planning this retreat. Last October, we had a most awesome retreat and I’m excited about planning our next spring weekend retreat.

Eva Johns created a Facebook Page for women who have been to a Peaceful Path Retreat. I tried to invited as many people as I could who are on FB to invite you to participate on this page. If you are on FB and I have missed you, please let me know and we’ll send you an invite. Thanks so much Eva for connecting us.

I am using my http://www.janebooth.wordpress.com as my main web page although http://www.goldenlightcentre.com is still open. I hope you will sign up to receive my blogs. I am honoured that each day people from all over the world are visiting my blog. Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts and links.

TWITTER -@janerbooth
I’m Tweeting away on Twitter – @janerbooth – I invite you to follow me and I’ll follow back. I’m meeting wonderful peacemakers, Reiki healers and spiritual teachers from all around the world.


Our thanks to Eva John for sewing loops on the cloths so the can hang nicely over our poles in our Meaford Parades.  The Cloth of Peace is a Meaford Community Peace Project.  Please visit http://www.clothofpeace.wordpress.com for pictures and details about this project.  We will be glad to help individuals or groups to create new cloths.  Let’s keep the Cloth of Peace growing and growing!

Everything is soul and flowering. I open and fill with love and what is not love evaporates.” –Rumi

Looking forward to seeing you,
Peacefully, Jane

Author of In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

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Peaceful Path November Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

 Anyone who has been to my Peaceful Path workshops, seminars or retreats for Women knows that I am excited about our evolving consciousness that is leading us to knowledge of energy healing and heart centered lives.  For years, I have witnessed many people opening their hearts and transforming their lives. It sounds like a simple task, but for many of us who have been through trauma, illness or heart aches, allowing our hearts to be fully open and to heal can be difficult and it is an on-going process.

Something moves us to go deeper and deeper into our consciousness

until we finally listen.

Then who we are is truly revealed.

Within, is a place of beauty…always presence

…infinite wisdom

…eternal love.

Let us share who we truly are. Now is the time. Jane Booth

October Peaceful Path Women’s Retreat

My Peaceful Path Women’s Retreat, Oct. 12-14/12 in Wiarton, was a rejuvenating and inspiring time.  It brought together an amazing group of women who were willing to reveal their true selves – true unconditional love.  I thank all who attended.  It was a weekend that we will all remember and carry the radiant energy of the retreat with us. Visit: http://www.peacefulpathretreat.wordpress.com

Many of you have come to a place of peace, and now are ready to share it with others.  Some of you are transforming quickly with life changes and challenges.  Others are awakening to their new gifts and talents. No matter where you are in you life at this time, this is the time to move more deeply and answer your soul’s calling.  Are you ready to take time to answer this call and have the support you need to create the new life that is awaiting you?

Here are some areas to explore.

  • How to create and liberate yourself to rid yourself of old patterns and outdated beliefs that no longer serve your best interests.
  • How to create deeply supportive and empowered relationships.
  • How to experience the joy of co-creating your life and discover your personal power.
  • How to develop Self mastery and the ability to open your inner guidance and wisdom.
  • How to move through challenging times with greater ease
  • How to evolve into a place of peace that allows growth, renewal, manifestation of your dreams.

To support you in activating your life purpose and expanding your soul’s mission, I am offering Peaceful Path Services for women to meet your needs:


A one day mini retreat to refresh yourself and move more fully into the evolving consciousness of 2012, in Meaford, ON at Jane’s home.

Saturday, November 24th,  9:30 a.m Noon.  1:30pm – 4:00 p.m.  Take time to visit charming downtown Meaford over lunch break.

Fee: $75.00

When women gather something magical happens – understanding, compassion, laughter and joy!  All the qualities that we want to have in our daily lives are revealed to us at the Peaceful Path Retreats.  During the winter months, I know travel can be difficult, but it is so important to keep the momentum and spirit of the transforming energies that are being gifted to all of us at this time.  I will be offering a 1 day Mini Retreat in the months of November, January, February and March.  Groups will be limited to 10 participants.

Join me for this Spiritual Retreat Day where you can relax and de-stress through meditation, sound and music, creative arts and discussion.

Register now for the November 24th workshop in Meaford. If the weather is stormy, we will simply book the next weekend.  E-mail: goldenlightcentre@rogers.com for registration form.


1 Day or ½ program – Private session with Jane in Meaford, ON.

A personalized day to meet your needs – relax, soothe, meditate, connect with nature, art, sound and light healing vibrations

Your day may include – life purpose activation meditation, spiritual intuitive consultation,energy balancing session, healing arts for self-expression, personalized meditation, sound healing and chanting, a spirit walk by the water and woods, and more…

Fee: $120.00 plus HST  10:00 a.m –lunch break – 1:00p.m  3:30p.m.

Fee: $60.00 plus HST  ½ day session

Book Now  e-mail goldenlightcentre@rogers.com

Inner Peace Reiki with Natural Sound

1 ½ hour session with Jane in Meaford, ON  Available  Monday – Friday

Enjoy a most relaxing and soothing session that includes Reiki with Natural Sound Healing and Guided Meditation, natural ways to restore wellness, reduce stress and rejuvenate… your Body…Mind…Soul…and to experience inner peace. Reiki is a Japanese holistic, light-touch energy-based modality that unlocks the inner flow of vital energy to enhance natural well-being.

Fee: $60.00 plus HST

Book Now e-mail goldenlightcentre@rogers.com

Peaceful Path Weekly Meaford Gatherings

 Join Jane on Wednesday Evenings for an evening of holistic workshops that include relaxation skills, meditation and spiritual awareness.  7:00 pm – 8:30 p.m  Fee: $11.30  Limited to 10 participants  Register now for winter sessions. E-mail: goldenlightcentre@rogers.com

Join me for the Peaceful Path programs and services.

I look forward to seeing you soon,

Peacefully, Jane

Love is a river. Drink from it.” Rumi

Jane Rosalea Booth, BA, CSW, M.Div

Author of In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

Inner Peace Reiki


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