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At my recent Peaceful Way Women’s Mini Retreat Day, we talked about the meaning of ‘surrender’, of letting go all things that no longer serve us, all things that are not of our heart so we could truly be aware of our “Soul’s Calling”

We listened to this mantra of Surrender and Liberation “Har Mukanday”,  surrender and letting go.  I hope you will too.

Mirabai Ceiba, Har Mukanday – Mantra of Liberation (Official Music Video)


Har means God, creative infinity. Mukanday means liberator, the liberating aspect of the self. It can be translated as: the Infinite Creator liberates me.  The mantra turns challenges into opportunities and removes fear and liberates one from the whatever block they are enslaved by.

Lyrics “Take from me what I want,

take from me what I do ,

Take from me what I need ,

Take from me everything,

that takes me from you.

Fill me with your love, liberate my soul. ”

As we surrender, we awakening to our heart, to revelations and remembrance of who we are and our life purpose…”I am revealed in surrender.”  In surrender, we let go of the need to control and manipulate reality in order to realize our full potential.  In surrender, we create a state of mind and heart that is open to limitless possibilities and trust in the universe. As you meditate say…

I surrender…I am ready to reveal the innocence of my heart…

I am ready to act with Love

To surrender, to trust in the Universe

To live in the heart of gratitude in each moment

And overcome the illusion of obstacles

I release my old limitations

I feel them all, see them all, touch them all

I allow them all to be released through my heart

And in the very core of my being

Beloved, you and I are one. I fully merge with your presence

I surrender to You and we are One.

I awaken to your calling in this moment. And so it is.

Blessings of sweet surrender,

Peacefully, Jane

2015-02-16 13.58.23About Jane: Jane Rosalea Booth-Robertson, BA, CSW, an experienced holistic workshop facilitator, promotes seeing the connection of nature, art and heart centered spirituality for meditation, inner peace and spiritual self-mastery. Jane is a Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking, a Certified USUI Reiki Master, and creator of Peaceful Path Workshops and Retreats.

IN SILENCE FRONT COVER sm Jane is Author of In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation. (Author name – Jane Rosalea Booth

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Your soul is uplifting to unconditional eloquence of beauty, of peace, harmony of the spheres.  Do you hear them – ringing, revolving, calling to you?


“In the quiet spaces between my thoughts, inspiration comes to me.

All becomes clear.

My life transforms in magical and unexpected ways.

Obstacles that once seemed impassable, now seem insignificant.

I rise effortlessly above all challenges, to a place of serenity and knowing.

My path forward is becoming clearer and clearer.

Every day, in every way, my life becomes more and more harmonious.

I trust in the natural flow of life.

I resist nothing, I yearn for nothing. I gratefully receive all that comes my way.

My consciousness is not bound by time or space. Like the universe itself, I am limitless.

I am a part of a vast, unified wholeness.”

Author Unknown

Peacefully, Jane


Join Jane for a Peaceful Way Women’s Retreat May 23-25/14.  Spend a weekend to relax and refresh in the beauty of nature.  For more details visit http://www.peacefulpathretreat.wordpress.com  Registration closes May 6th.  Register today.



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February 24, 2014 by janebooth  | Edit

                 image003     Peaceful Way Retreat for Women


It is time to Retreat! Refresh your Spirit – Delight your Heart

With Jane Robertson

May 23 – May 25, 2014, Renewal Retreat


Wherever you are and whatever you do, be in love” .Rumi

Welcome to a very special retreat, “Sacred Relationships”  at the Renewal Retreat, a lovely five  bedroom log home, Belgrave ON (near Wingham) The calm, natural setting complements our retreat’s purpose to offer a weekend gathering for relaxation, serenity and inner peace.

When women gather something magical happens – our spirits soar, our hearts awaken. We will explore the meaning of ‘sacred relationships’ and how they are expressed in our hearts and life.

This retreat provides you with the perfect setting to enjoy our harmony circles, guided meditations and nature activities, creative expression, pampering, fireside gatherings and free time for relaxation or to explore the area.  Leave feeing refreshed, renewed, and spiritually uplifted.


Accommodation: Double accommodation with 2 shared bathroom.  Meals are not included. Potluck – I will be sending a request form to choose what you’d like to bring.

Features:  Hot tub deck spa, kayak for river, 25ft deep swimming spring fed pond, Maitland river, volley/badminton, horseshoes and hammock by the river


 Arrival: Friday, May 23th 6:00 p.m. Departure: Sunday, May 25, 4:00 p.m.

Fee:  $375.00 (HST Incld)

 Registration: email: goldenlightcentre@rogers.com

 Please e-mail if you are interested in attending and I will send you a registration form. 



Jane Robertson, BA, CSW, M.Div., an experienced holistic workshop facilitator. promotes seeing the connection of nature, art and heart centered spirituality for inner peace.  Jane is a Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking and a Certified USUI Reiki Master.

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mini retreat heart mandala Feb.15.14

“The tongue of the original self is the language of the heart”. Julia Cameron

The theme of the Peaceful Way Mini Retreat Day on February 15th was ‘the Awakening Women’.  We are all awakening each day to know who we are more fully. The role of the Awakening Women, the women who have said ‘Yes’ to peace and love in their lives, is now to share their peace, love and talents with the world in whatever way they choose.

“The purpose of our lives is to give birth to the best that is within us. It is only through our own personal awakening that the world can be awakened.  We cannot give what we don’t have.” Marianne Williamson

So through music, poetry, dance, energy balancing, creative arts and meditation we relaxed, laughed and enjoyed the awesome energy that is also presence with heartfelt Beloveds.  We shared and enjoyed quiet moments of reflection as we decorated heart boxes where we put thoughts about ourselves that we really like.  So often we see the beauty in others but forget how beautiful we are.  So we placed some beautiful thoughts into our heart boxes that we can look at to remind us of our inner peace and beauty that is always present within.  Then we joined our hearts to form a lovely mandala!


We are Awakening – Chant – Deva Premal and Miten


We are awakening
To the calling of the mystic we
Are awakening
In the flowering of the heart
Everybody here melting into
Presence, overflowing
Rising in love

Om shanti  (om peace
Satchidananda om    (Eternal consciousness bliss om )
Shanti om  (peace om)

We are awakening
To a long forgotten memory
Dawn is breaking
Waves are coming in
Everybody here
Standing in wonder Beneath the rain and the thunder
Rising in love

We are awakening
To this perfect imperfection
Celebrating in the oneness of it all
Everybody here
Part of each other
Sister and brother
Rising in love

Thanks Eva for the yummy cup cakes!

Eva Razeau's cup cakes Feb. 15 mini retreat 2014

To celebrate our awakening hearts and beauty, we decorated our hands with henna tattoos!  It was lots of fun.

henna hands 2014 feb 15

This is truly an exciting time as we are awakening to our true self and loving who we are.   We are receiving spiritual insights that are enriching us with love, wisdom and essence of our Light being. Now are we are creating and our magic is unfolding….

I love this quote from Dr. Seuss

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You“. Dr. Seuss

Thank you to the awakening women who attended this retreat day.  I was honoured to be with you and to share such beautiful moments.



Jane Rosalea Booth-Robertson, BA, CSW, USUI Reiki Master an experienced holistic workshop facilitator, promotes seeing the connection of nature, art and heart centered spirituality for inner peace and spiritual self-mastery. Jane is Author of In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation. (Author name – Jane Rosalea Booth) Jane is a Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking, a Certified USUI Reiki Master, and creator of Peaceful Path Women’s Workshops and Retreats.

Follow me on Twitter @janerbooth

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Peaceful Path Mini Retreat for Women

With Jane Booth

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Meaford, ON

Everyone is here to experience and create in their own way, through their mastery, their truth, their love, their compassion, their divine abilities…

Join me for a Peaceful Path Mini Retreat on Saturday, October 26th to enjoy a day of relaxation through breathwork, energy balancing through sound and meditation.

This will be a quiet day to move deeply into mindfulness, to simply be  peace, love and compassion, to create our Self mastery.

For those who would like to stay in Meaford on Oct. 23, there are motels and Bread and Breakfast for you accommodation in Meaford and area.

Registration Fee:  $56.50 (HST incld) cheques payable to The Golden Light Centre for Well-Being Inc.  Please wear comfy clothes and bring your own lunch.

Location:  Jane’s Home Meaford  Directions upon registration

Please register by Oct. 18th.  E-mail: goldenlightcentre@rogers.com for registration form.

I look forward to this gathering with you,



Jane Booth Robertson, BA, CSW. M.Div. USUI Reiki Master/ Practitioner

IN SILENCE FRONT COVER smAuthor of In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

Peaceful Path for Women

e-mail goldenlightcentre@rogers.com

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What a beautiful time we had at the Peaceful Path Retreat for Women at the Renewal Retreat near Wingham ON on May 31 -June 2.  I invite you to visit my Peaceful Path Women’s Retreat site where I’ve shared about this amazing time.  So many magical moments full of synchronicity, laughter, insights and unity of hearts!  My husband says I have my ‘retreat glow’ that he sees after each of the Peaceful Path Retreats.   I am still glowing with memories of this retreat warm my heart and give me inspiration, hope and peace.  The “Sisters of the Spirit Mandala” are such awesome women.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all.

Please visit The Peaceful Path Women’s Retreat to share some of our pictures, activities and insights about the retreat.

I look forward to planning our next retreat.  In the fall, I will be offering 1 day retreat days.  Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you details about registration when the dates are set.



Jane Booth Robertson, BA, CSW, M.Div. USUI Reiki Master/Practitioner




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I’m going to take this advice from Neale Donald Walsch today.

“On this day of your life,  Jane Rosalea, I believe God wants you to know…

…that you must be good to yourself if you are

ever going to be any good for others.

This means take a day off once in a while

when it’s not scheduled.  Eat of piece of chocolate

when it’s not recommended.  Take a nap

when it’s just not  possible.

Get  your face into a good book for an hour

when you can’t afford to. Soak in a tub

when there’s no time to. Stop everything

when you’re not supposed to. Do this now,

right now, for goodness sake.  Neale Donald Walsch

On my Peaceful Path Retreat for Women site, the 1st reason to go to a retreat is Self Care.

Reason #1 – Caring About Yourself

The better you are feeling – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually – the better your life will unfold and all around you will benefit from your transformation. Self care is a necessity and the time is now to step forward to be nurtured, inspired and experience a peaceful way.

Take a few minutes today to pamper yourself! Have fun and relax!

Peacefully, Jane

Jane Rosalea Booth, Author of In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

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