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Today I welcome guest writer, Julie Redstone, “Movements of the Heart”


Julie Redstone
The human heart exists in beauty and in limitation.  Its beauty lies in the fact that it is capable of great love, great tenderness, and great vulnerability.  It’s limitation lies in the same fact.  Yet, the limitation of today is the expansion of tomorrow, as the heart begins to feel a greater Love moving within itself, and as it awakens more fully to its own power of expression.

The love that the human heart calls its own, the love that it seeks in order to satisfy its desires and hold at bay the sense of loneliness that would exist without it – such love is only a small portion of what the human heart is capable of.  Because of its need for self-protection, and because it perceives itself to be small when, in fact, it is quite large, the human heart fastens on the one love that it hopes will nourish its life and fill its empty spaces, instead of the larger Love that would restore to it the experience of its own wholeness.

The heart has been taught to expect certain things of life and to give certain things to life.  In this sense, it is influenced by current perceptions regarding the nature of relationships and the nature of love, and no longer knows its own potential.  It no longer realizes the vastness from which it came.  Such a heart often goes through its days confined within a small sphere of contact with others, not perceiving its relationship to the greater Whole, not perceiving the great Heart of humanity that beats within its own.  It therefore, understandably, seizes upon the experience of ‘falling in love’ with one other as the central experience of life, because this event lets it know more fully than anything else, what it means to be truly alive.

Yet, even this experience of love which is so profoundly moving and enriching to life can also be limiting.  It can limit the knowledge of what love IS, believing it to be embodied within one relationship, whereas in truth the intensity of love, the depth of love, the joy of love, and the tenderness of love, are part of what it means to be alive. These qualities belong to Love itself, and to the deeper nature of the heart as it brings its essence into everyday experience.

With a more awakened heart, it is possible to be deeply in love with life.  It is possible to deeply love one’s own being.  It is possible to become identified with love to such a degree that one wants to extend it everywhere.  These possibilities exist but must be awakened within the human heart.  They exist, but they must be perceived as real. 

The relationship with a beloved partner is one expression of limitless love. Such a relationship is often singled out among all others and asked to compensate the self for what is lacking in the rest of life. However, love is not meant to be confined within such small quarters.  For the deepest bonds of love between two who love resonate with the great harmonic of the universe.  They resonate with the music of Creation.  They are part of that Creation, and can only find their truest and most complete expression when experienced as part of a greater Whole.  Indeed, a complete partnership in love will seek to reach out to others – will seek to reach out to the world in order to bless it.  Part of this naturally happens through bringing new life into the world – through children and the contribution they make to the future.  Another part happens through the extension of love directly – through one’s conscious participation in the great circle of Life.

Many who love today still believe that love is limited and that there is not enough to go around.  Therefore, one must concentrate on the few who are the closest – on children, parents, family. and friends.  This perception of love is based on a heart that does not yet know itself.  It is based on past learning, not on what actually is. The perception of the smallness of the human heart arises out of the history of separation from the wellspring of Infinite Love and the Spirit that dwells within all.  Nevertheless, this well remains, and the water is still there.  And those who look for it will find it within and can allow it to enrich the life that they lead. 

For each human heart holds within itself a spark of the Divine.  And each human heart is capable of embracing not only others, but its own existence as well. This is the love out of which the human heart has been fashioned which contains the Divine within the human. This is the love that is meant to encircle the earth, and to restore and nourish all of life.



Writings by Julie on the Light Omega website are meant to be freely offered to the world, coming from the Divine plane of Spirit that seeks to nourish, awaken, and support all beings on their spiritual journey.  May they find their place in your heart and soul, and in your sharing with others may they be treated with the sacredness with which they were created. 

In this spirit, you are invited to share these writings with others in any way you wish to or are guided to, with the exception of the images on this website which need to be treated differently.

When sharing these writings, please create a link back to this website with the following credit:


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Blessings in the light of holiness that is creating new life for the Earth. 

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Peacefully, Jane


A Peaceful Way, the way of the heart

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I saw this above video about Claude Monet’s home on Facebook this morning and thought you might like it too.

It led me to Wikipedia where I read about Monet’s early painting that he called ‘Impression, Sunrise’.

“Monet claimed that he titled the painting Impression, Sunrise due to his hazy painting style in his depiction of the subject: “They asked me for a title for the catalogue, it couldn’t really be taken for a view of Le Havre, and I said: ‘Put Impression.'” In addition to this explanation for the title of the work, art historian Paul Smith claims that Monet might have named the painting Impression to excuse his painting from accusations of being unfinished or lacking descriptive detail, but Monet received these criticisms regardless of the title.”

280px-Claude_Monet,_Impression,_soleil_levantImpression, Sunrise (French: Impression, soleil levant) is a painting by Claude Monet. Shown at what would later be known as the “Exhibition of the Impressionists” in April 1874, the painting is attributed to giving rise to the name of the Impressionist movement. Impression, Sunrise depicts the port of Le Havre, Monet’s hometown, and is his most famous painting of the harbor.


“Making an Impression”

I began thinking about the word ‘impression‘. I was taught as a child that it was important to ‘make a good impression’.  I think that led me to years of worrying about how I looked and what others thought about me.  The words still linger with me.  But one of the joys of being elder is that I am more concerned now about simply being me and enjoying life in a simpler way.  Aging forces us to decide how we are going to live our final years.  I’ve decided to live as best I can in the present moment to enjoy the blessings of each day and find something creative to do daily.

I no longer care what impression I make…well that’s not entirely true…I do want to leave you with an ‘impression’ that your life will be fulfilled if  you love who you are, be grateful for small things, and live in compassion for others and nature.  So I guess we all leave an ‘impression’ in some way with other each day.  I think we can also be mindful of what ‘impression’ are we creating for ourselves to observe and be mindful of our actions.

Monet found a new style of painting that rocked the art world along with other ‘Impressionist’ artists.  He did not stop creating because some did not like his style.  The natural world made a great impression on Monet and his paintings reflect his love and expression of its beauty.

This also led me to reflect on what things ‘impressed me’ or left an ‘impression’ that influenced my thoughts and feelings. When Monet used the word impression for his harbor painting, he was giving an idea of how the harbor appeared to him…like he was giving a hint about it rather than a clear view.  So perhaps some of the impressions I received in life didn’t give me a clear view.  Something I will think about in meditation…



Meditating with Monet’s Art

Meditate today while soaking in the beauty and wonder of Monet’s art as you view this wonderful video.  It is a fabulous collection of his works.  It is about an hour but enjoy as long as you desire.  Meditating with art is so relaxing and takes us away from our daily worries and into the artist’s ‘impressions’.


Have a peaceful, creative, and beautiful day,

Peacefully, Jane


Jane Rosalea Brown, BA, CSW

USUI Reiki Master

Author In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

Author name: Jane Rosalea Booth


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Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle or wheel. In religious art, the mandala is used to symbolize wholeness the circle of eternity. However, the pattern of a mandala – a circle with a center – reaches far beyond a two or three dimensional art form. The definition of a mandala can be found in science, religion and art.

The basic patter of the circle with a center is found in nature and is seen in both physics and astronomy. On our planet, living things are made of cells and each cell has a nucleus – all circles with centers. The crystals that form ice, rocks and mountains are made of atoms and each atom is a mandala. Within the Milky Way galaxy is our solar system and within our solar system is Earth. Each is a mandala that is part of a larger mandala. Flowers, spider webs and the rings found in tree trunks all reflect the primal mandala pattern. The “circle with a center” pattern is the basic structure of creation that is reflected from the micro to the macro in the world as we know it.

Native Americans have created medicine wheels, shields and sand mandalas. Both Navajo Indians and Tibetan monks create sand mandalas in their spiritual practices to demonstrate the impermanence of life. The Aztec Calendar was both a time-keeping device and religious expression of ancient Aztecs. The Mayan Calendar, a circle with glyphs, predicts future events and cycles. In Asia, the Taoist “yin-yang” symbol represents opposition as well as the interdependence of heaven/earth, male/female energies. Tibetan mandalas are often very intricately painted illustrations of religious significance that are used for meditation. Labyrinths are a type of mandala found in many cultures and are used as a tool for centering.

Experiencing the mandala

A mandala may be created by an individual to discover more about oneself. Exploring the circle a person can tap into their own nature and connect with the deeper calm within.  The simple act of drawing or writing within a circular boundary brings forth amazing and beautiful symbolic imagery the can be accessed by one and all.  It is such a healing, revealing and creative process.

Group Mandala

Creating a group mandala is a unifying experience in which people can express themselves individually with a unified structure.  At the Peaceful Path Women’s Retreat on May 31 -June 2, our group mandala will be our symbol of unity, trust and wholeness that we will be sharing this weekend.  Here is the mandala from our fall retreat.  You can see how the mandala was expanding and if we had continued the circle would have grown and grown, but everyone felt that in this moment we had completed this mandala.  We enjoyed it immensely!


More than a pretty picture

Representing the universe itself, a mandala is both the microcosm and macrocosm and we are all part of it’s intricate design. The mandala is more than an image seen with our eyes, but an actual moment in time. It can be used as a vehicle to explore, art, science, religion and life itself.  Carl Jung said that a mandala symbolizes a safe refuge of inner reconciliation and wholeness.

Creating your own mandala is a type of meditation that takes on its own form through your thoughts, dreams and visions that flow as you begin to draw, paint or use natural ingredients or stones.  There are so many ways to create a mandala.  Enjoy the process and become aware of what your mandala is reflecting to you.

Have a beautiful, creative day,


Jane Rosalea Booth, BA,CSW, M.Div. USUI Reiki Master/Practitioner

Author of In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

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Ref: Francene Hart, Seeking Balance  See Francene’s beautiful Sacred Geometry Art at http://www.francenehart.com

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Meditation is an ‘inward art’ that takes you to a place where there are no fears or anxieties, a place that reveals who you truly are.  “To learn this art of confronting ourselves…and to do so every day…is to discover a source of strength as wonderful as it is accessible.” Bradford Smith

Meditation provides a place of silence, a sanctuary where I experience a deep sense of peace as I have learned to use this space as a place to surrender my fears and anxieties to the Universe, God/Goddess, the Creator.  I begin to feel a unity with Spirit and receive a feeling of love and support through the images I see during my meditations and through a deep knowing that I am somehow connected and part of some wondrous loving source that assists me to greater knowing of my Self.

There are many ways to begin meditating.  Find a way that is comfortable for you. You might simply take a word like ‘love’ or ‘peace’, for instance. Breathe gently and allow your mind to quiet and calming reflect on -love- explore the feelings, emotions, and thoughts. You might like to chant ‘ love, love, love’ then let the word go – move deeper into your consciousness, relax your body and mind and breathe gently.  Allow yourself to be quiet and still…enjoy your inner place of peace.  In this inner heart space, this place that is so expansive and beautiful, you experience a spiritual connection and a knowing of who you are.

Meditation gives us moments of insight and wonder that connect us with all life and transforms us as we become merged with all life…with a presence that is holy and sacred.   This Holy presence calls to us to reach inward to see the ‘inward art’ that is present in each moment within, and then to awaken to the ‘outward art’ that is revealed in our daily life through each person and in all of nature.  Our inward art and our outward art provide us with artistic beauty that is really beyond our comprehension. It humbles us and is such a gift.  We move into a state of deep gratitude each day as we awaken to its magnificent.  What an artistic journey we are on!

My book In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation, assists you with your journey within and to learn to meditate, to receive ancient wisdom and inner peace.  Orders placed through Trafford Publishing on my In Silence website or order an e-book on Amazon.com.

Peacefully, Jane

Jane Booth Robertson, BA, CSW, M.Div., USUI Reiki Master

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It’s been a week since I returned from hosting the Peaceful Path Women’s Retreat and I’m still smiling and feeling so great.  The Ghost Ranch was the perfect setting for our retreat – absolutely stunning scenery that was simply breathtaking…all I could say was ‘Wow!”  The high desert promised to be mysterious and wondrous and it was. 

Each day our workshops tapped into the energies of the elements – air, fire, water, earth – to expand our Essence and connect deeply with our spiritual connections.  We hiked to the top of Chimney rock mountain (7100 ft. elevation), toured the ranch, had a water ceremony at Lake Abiquiu, invoked our visions through a fire ceremony, and embrace the clay of the desert by making clay sculptures which we left as altar items on the desert.   We danced, laughed and sang around our evening fire and felt a wonderful sense of freedom. 

We visited the Anthropology museum on the ranch which is home to the smallest dinosaur that was discover there.  Indian Jones and the Crystal Skull was filmed there as were many other western movies like City Slickers. 

We sat in silence awareness on the desert, knowing many had travelled here before us, but for a few days it was ours to enjoy and to tap into its ancient tales and wisdom.The winds came up and were whirling around us not in a harsh way but almost as if we were receiving a blessing and cleansing…simply Divine! 



Chimney Rock

Jane, Margaret and Deb  We made it to the top of Chimney Rock!

But it was the spirit and art of Georgia O’Keeffe who lived on the ranch for over 30 years that really captured our hearts.  We saw her home that was close to the haceinda where we were staying.  The rugged desert beauty engulfed us as it must have with O’Keeffe.  Her sense of adventure, courage and determination, and desire for privacy, were such an inspiration.  To see the mountains that she painted right in front of us was quite awesome.  We appreciated her works and her challenges even more.

I love this video – Georgia O’Keeffe speaks of her life in New Mexico:


We left the ranch feeling like we did not have enough time there…definitely a place with much more to experience and to explore next time.  We went on to charming Sante Fe and visited the Georgia O’Keeffe museum with her wonderful works and stories of her life.  Then back to Albuquequer to return home with our hearts refreshed and ready to create our own Peaceful Path.

At home, I am now sketching with my watercolour pencils and enjoying it so much…not an O’Keeffe…my own expression…and it’s fun. 

Freedom…expression….love….compassion…sacredness…a few feelings that will last within my heart…thanks to all who participated for creating a most special time at our Ghost Ranch retreat.



Jane Booth

Author of In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

Minister of Spritual Peacemaking

Spiritual Coach, Reiki Master and Practitioner



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I wish to be a better listener. I can talk, write, sing, but to listen, to really listen seems to be more difficult. Do I really listen to another’s heart beat or do I only half listen as I am already preparing what I’m going to say next? Listening connects me to another whether if it is my friend or if it is God. It connects my heart to their heart. Listening means being focused on another’s needs, dreams and thoughts. It’s not about my reply, my ideas, my dreams. It is about listening to the inner message that each person gives me in the moment they are speaking. Then something special happens … I learn something new.

It’s important to learn to listen well while meditating, to listen to my deep inner knowing, to the voice within that lovingly guides me. But often I don’t, I fall asleep or my mind wanders off to something that happen during the day. Imagine not listening to my Higher Self, or indeed, to God! How crazy is that? But it happens sometimes, but I’ve learn to record what I hear because I have trouble remembering it later and it also helps if I’m not understanding the message. I can read it later and find understanding. If I still do not understand, I ask for clarity in my next meditation.

Here is Listening Meditation that I’d like to share.

Begin with your eyes closed. Listen very carefully to your breathing. Breathing in…breathing out. Listen to your breath as it slows down… listen…to it getting slower and slower. Your body is becoming more and more relaxed.
Put your attention on your heart and listen to it beating inside you. Listen to your heart beat and see if it is slowing down too…
Now feel your heart fill up with love that is flowing gently through and around you. Feel this energy coming through your feet from the earth, the loving earth. Feel that love spilling out from your heart into all cells of your body. You now feel calm and relaxed.
Feel a deep sense of peace. Now listen, listen to the stillness within…how does it feel to listen, simply listen, let all thoughts and anxieties go…enjoy the peace, the inner silence. Stay in this peace. When you are ready, ask for guidance and listen…listen without questioning what you hear, you will receive an answer…listen…with gratitude.
When you are ready, bring yourself back to your space and record what you heard and saw.

Listening to others with compassion and non-judgement is such a gift. I know God is always listening to me. I receive this special gift everyday … if I listen … I receive the messages I need to move forward. What a blessing!

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