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May I extend a huge wave of love and peace to all who visit my blog today from all around the world.  Your desire for peace in your life is a blessing to all of us.  This blog is a way to unite those who want changes in their personal lives and choose a peaceful, forgiving path. In a world where many are protesting for their beliefs and their anger builds, may we send them love and compassion.  We are humans walking in this world at the same time and our hearts want peace.  A peaceful path will allow differences, understanding and freedom to allow our heart to reveal who we truly are. Let peace begin with me.
A HUGE peacewave will circle the Earth on Sept. 21st as millions of people celebrate the International Day of Peace! There will be concerts, med-mob meditations, prayer vigils and other events. You can watch 24-hours of peace events, starting in New Zealand!
There will be a special report from Stephen Dinan, Philip Hellmich, Amb. Chowdury, Dot Maver and others from the United Nations on Sept. 21st at 12:10 p.m. PT. This report will be followed immediately by the Peace One Day concert in London, featuring Elton John LIVE! You can watch these events on: http://www.peaceday.tv/   Conscious Internet TV channel broadcasting entertaining  humanitarian and educational events. Our annual featured broadcast is for the International Day of Peace.
Also, I encourage you to participate in this Peace Wave by joining the largest globally-synchronized meditation in history, go to: www.bethepeace.com
Meaford Cloth of Peace
In Meaford, ON, Canada, we begun a community peace project called the Cloth of Peace where people decorate a cloth with thoughts or pictures of peace.  We join them together and use them in community events.  We will be in our next community parade – The Meaford Annual Scarecrow Invasion – a fall parade on September 28th.
Start a Cloth of Peace in your community an watch it grow.  For details: please visit http://www.clothofpeace.wordpress.com
On this UN International Day of Peace, I celebrate peace with you!
Peacefully, Jane
Jane Rosalea Booth
Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking
Peaceful Path Holistic Workshops and Retreats
Reiki Master

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Every year at the end of September, the Scarecrows pop up all around our town of Meaford.  On September 30 at 5:00 p.m. the annual Scarecrow Invasion Parade takes place.


Join the fun and help us to carry the Cloth of Peace.  We have over 50 pieces of Cloths that have been created to celebrate peace in our lives and community.  We need 10 or more people to help carry the poles with the cloths.  It is a fun time with music and lots of laughter.  Bring you friends and family.  We love having children in the parade.  To carry the cloths we would need old children or teens.

Please let me know ASAP.  Your help is need to assist us to spread the feeling and message of peace and unity in our communities.

Looking forward to hearing from you.  Please e-mail me at goldenlightcentre@rogers.com

Visit http://www.clothofpeace.wordpress.com to view some of the completed cloths made by children, families, and groups in our community of Meaford.  They are amazing!

Peace and joy,


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Golden Light Centre Newsletter   August 2011
Welcome Friends to August, 2011.

I hope you are enjoying our warm summer days.  It’s time to find a quiet place outdoors to meditate to relax, calm and reflect.  I’ve been spending time sitting on rocks by our beautiful Georgian Bay and taking walks on the beach or through the woods.  It’s important to find ways to quiet our minds and tap into the beauty of nature to heal and refresh us as the world continues to shock and shake us by events that touch every soul.  We now have the opportunity to show our love and compassion through our actions and prayers. Our reaction to world and daily events has only one action…to love.  Meditation assists us to return to a place of love and peace.

“God is the friend of silence. See how nature… trees, flowers, grass… grows in silence. See the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence. We need silence to be able to touch souls”. Mother Teresa  

 Peaceful Path Holistic Events and Services

Peaceful Path Women’s Retreat      October 14-16h, 2011      The Ecology Retreat Centre

I am offering a fall retreat for the first time.  The fall with its transformative energy is the perfect time for a retreat.  This spiritual retreat provides you with the perfect combination of Sacred harmony circles, guided meditations and labyrinth walks, nature activities, creative expression and fireside gatherings with ample time for solitude and quiet reflection. Bring a friend and enjoy the beauty of the Ecology Retreat Centre. For details and registration: http://www.peacefulpathretreat.wordpress.com  or e-mail  goldenlightcentre@rogers.com Register today. 

USUI Reiki and Natural Sound Sessions for energy balancing, stress reduction and relaxation

Reiki is a Japanese holistic, light-touch, energy-based modality. It is a powerful natural system that unlocks the inner flow of vital energy. It is an individual experience that assists the body to restore and balance natural energy and reduce stress.  In a natural, balanced state the body can heal itself.

Private sessions offered Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, in Meaford, ONFee: $60.00 1 ½ hour session E-mail: goldenlightcentre@rogers.com

Call 519-538-5977 for appoint with Jane

 Reiki I Certificate ClassSaturday, August 6, 2011

 Reiki I Fee: $150.00 Trainings include certification, instruction manuals, and practical application

 Reiki II Certificate ClassWednesday, September 21 2011

 Reiki I Fee: $200.00 Trainings include certification, instruction manuals, and practical application

Certificate Reiki I, II,III, or Master available

To Register for Reiki Classes e-mail  goldenlightcentre@rogers.com Register today.

Peaceful Path Workshops

Meaford, Wednesday, Time: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm   Our group continues during the summer on Thursday Aug. 11, Wed. Aug 17 and 24.  September group begins September 7th.  New members are welcomed.

 The Golden Light Art Gallery


Our art gallery is growing and evolving.  Our website gallery is being re-designed and will be opening in a few weeks.  Watch for new artists, original art and beautiful prints and stained glass. People from around the world are coming to our gallery!

Cloth of Peace

We had a great time in the Canada Day Parade with the Cloth of Peace. The Cloth of Peace will be participating in the annual Scarecrow Invasion Parade in Meaford, on September 30th.  If you would like to participate by helping to carry our beautiful cloths in the parade, please let Jane know.  We need more volunteers so we may show all our cloths.  The Cloth of Peace is growing and becoming known in our area. The theme of the parade this year is ‘Mother Goose”.

Visit to view the cloth: http://www.clothofpeace.wordpress.com

 Peaceful Path Blog

I invited you to join me daily on my blog https://janebooth.wordpress.com

‘The world is blessed by your desire for peace and love.  I thank all who receive this newsletter for your decision to be peacemakers in your families and communities and for your participation and support’. 

With deep peace and love,


Jane Booth Robertson, BA, CSW. M.Div., USUI Reiki Master

Author of In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

Order your copy of In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

A simple daily approach to meditation, ancient wisdom and inner peace



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What afun time we had at the Meaford, ON Canada Day Parade yesterday.  We began by meeting at the arena where the fire department, armed forces and various community floats were lining up for the parade.


 We followed the Beautiful Joe Park group with their dogs who were so well behaved.  One little dog stopped for a well-needed drink in the middle of the parade!  She was tired and wanted to lay down but after a nice drink she carried on and made it to the end of the parade.

People are starting to recognize the Cloth of Peace as a community symbol for harmony and peace as they clapped as we walked along holding the cloths that were draped over a long rod with a person at each end of the rod.  People were waving their Canadian flags and children were cheering and having a great time watching the parade.

What was most fun was seeing people I knew as I walked along.   My friend Lani, who has had surgery recently, surprised me by being at the parade and came over to give me big hugs.  Living in a small town is really wonderful.  I could feel all the genuine love and joy as we all celebrated being blessed that we live in this wonderful community and country.

 Meaford’s Cloth of Peace

Thanks to all the Cloth of Peace parade carriers who supported our project.  Thanks for creating and spreading  peace to everyone in our  Meaford communities  and to the rest of the world!  Thanks to our Canadian Armed Forces for their dedication and sacrifices to keep our country safe and free. 

Here are a few pictures at the end of the parade at the Meaford Harbour where there was the raising of the Canadian flag with the armed forces and veterans.  We laid the cloths on the ground so people could view them.

                      Grannies for Africa, Cloth of Peace

“All we are saying…is give peace a chance.”

Peace and joy to all,


Visit Jane Booth-Robertson at www.goldenlightcentre.com and www.in-silence.net for her transformative book, In Silence Discovering Self through Meditation

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Come to Meaford, ON  tomorrow for the Canada Day Celebrations.  The parade begins downtown about 11:15a.m.   We will be walking with the Cloth of Peace.  If you’d like to participate by helping us to carry our Meaford Cloth of Peace, a community peace project, please let me know by e-mail: goldenlightcentre@rogers.com.  Looking forward to a wonderful day.  The parade ends at the Meaford harbour where there will be other events.  At night, there is a dance to raise funds for the Meaford Music. It is a sixties theme dance…bring out your bobbysocks!

Have a day full of joy,


Cloth of Peace – www.clothofpeace.wordpress.com  View some of the wonderful cloths that children, families and groups have created.  Each cloth is 36″x36″.

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I’m looking for volunteers to walk with the Cloth of Peace in the Meaford, Canada Day Parade at noon on July 1st.  If you can join us, let me know. e-mail: goldenlightcentre@rogers.com  or add a comment on this post.

The Cloth of Peace is a community peace project in Meaford, Ontario.  Visit our site to see pictures of the cloths that have been created by individuals, children and groups. Click http://www.clothofpeace.wordpress.com

Have a peaceful day,


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Today is a big day in Meaford. Breakfast Television is broadcasting live this morning from 6:00a.m. – 9:00 a.m.  The Scarecrow Invasion Parade is at 6pm. this evening. Its a fun parade that involves the whole community.  Watch for the Cloth of Peace in the parade and the peace Scarecrows singing “Give Peace a Chance.”   We will be showing 46 Cloths of Peace made by Meaford children, individuals, families and community groups.

 Join the fun and come and visit Meaford today.  Craft show is on Sat. and Sun.  A fun weekend for all the family. Hope to see you there.

Peace and joy,

Peace Scarecrow Jane


Wonderful website.

Re: TRUST . it seems to me trusting is having faith when the outcome is unsure. It is proceeding(or not) when it may not turn out as one may hope . based on a love requirement helps the faith . R.P .

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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