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This poem is written in the memory of my mother Shirley Stewart who died Easter morning 2000.  I’m sure she choose this day so I would reawaken to the deep blessing and meaning of ascension and of God’s ever present love each Easter morning.  The ancients believed in life after death, but Jesus awakened many who had forgotten that we are spirits who transcend and continue our spiritual journey…

Awakening to the Message of Easter Within

I feel the gentle embrace of Christ

Who softly reminds me of love

Ever present, everlasting

Complete eternal

I hear the words of wisdom

Of trust and surrender

That call to me within

To listen and to remember

I see the Christ Light

Guiding me, healing me

Revealing who I truly am

One with Creator in love

So  joy I fills my soul

Awakening to the freshness

Of the Easter morn

Knowing love is all

Rising, ascending, being

Filled with the peace of Christ,

The holy one of God’s will.

By Jane Rosalea Brown


Whatever your spiritual beliefs, I hope you will embrace the love and peace that always dwells within.  Springtime shows us that life continues with its rebirth and renewal of its beauty and its abundance of gifts!  As I look out upon another snowy spring morning,I can see our tulips pushing through the snow!  Nature is wondrous and so are you!!

Peacefully, Jane


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