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This poem is written in the memory of my mother Shirley Stewart who died Easter morning 2000.  I’m sure she choose this day so I would reawaken to the deep blessing and meaning of ascension and of God’s ever present love each Easter morning.  The ancients believed in life after death, but Jesus awakened many who had forgotten that we are spirits who transcend and continue our spiritual journey…

Awakening to the Message of Easter Within

I feel the gentle embrace of Christ

Who softly reminds me of love

Ever present, everlasting

Complete eternal

I hear the words of wisdom

Of trust and surrender

That call to me within

To listen and to remember

I see the Christ Light

Guiding me, healing me

Revealing who I truly am

One with Creator in love

So  joy I fills my soul

Awakening to the freshness

Of the Easter morn

Knowing love is all

Rising, ascending, being

Filled with the peace of Christ,

The holy one of God’s will.

By Jane Rosalea Brown


Whatever your spiritual beliefs, I hope you will embrace the love and peace that always dwells within.  Springtime shows us that life continues with its rebirth and renewal of its beauty and its abundance of gifts!  As I look out upon another snowy spring morning,I can see our tulips pushing through the snow!  Nature is wondrous and so are you!!

Peacefully, Jane


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Spring Equinox pic 4

Spring Equinox Walk – Stillness in the Spring Morning

This morning I walked along Georgian Bay (part of the Great Lake Huron) but it did not look like spring had arrived. Instead I was treated to this wonderful view that looked like pyramids on the ice.  Everything was still as the water was frozen near the shoreline. But these wondrous formations fascinated me.  A lady who has lived in this area since a child said they were water spouts.  Sure enough as I looked carefully the center top of each ‘pyramid’ was open.  She said the water spouts out of the pyramids that she called ‘water spouts’.  No water was spouting this morning but I would love to see the water spouting out of them.

As I neared home, I saw some small green sprouts poking through the ground where the snow had melted.  Yes, spring had arrived!

I love Japanese Haiku poetry.  I wrote this one about the arrival of Spring.

morning snow falling

below roots stir quietly

with spring’s rhythm

By Jane Brown Robertson

May you soak up the feelings of stillness on this Spring Equinox. It is when we enter our stillness that we begin to experience feelings of renewal, hope and new beginnings that the energy of the light of the Spring Equinox brings.  The Equinox invites us to create balance and harmony and to move with the natural rhythms of the universe.  Take a few moments to meditate or reflect and allow your mind and heart to open to something new and allow it to grow.

May the radiant Spring blessings of light fill your heart with peace and warmth,

Peacefully,  Jane

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Author ~ In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation, Jane Rosalea Booth (author name)

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A Spring Tune Up 

By Jane Rosalea Booth

It is spring and all around us nature is bursting with fresh, new buds!  The spring rains are cleansing the earth and the winds are bringing in warm air.  All the changes in nature are a reminder that it is time for us to renew, cleanse and transform.  It is time for a spring ‘tune up.’  Just like our cars need a tune up, so do we.  Here are some suggestions so we can move smooth with ease and flow with the universal rhythms of spring.  This means it is time for us to change some old ways so we can allow new fresh ideas and creativity to flow from us!

Step 1 You must want to change old habits. No one can do it for you.  Take a look at your ‘habits’.  Is there something you do or think regularly that is slowing your down or bringing up old fears.  Recognizing what needs to change now is a big step.

Step 2. Let go of things that are not working for you. This is a biggy. This means letting go of friends who keep you down, jobs that you don’t like, or a relationship that is abuse or is just not working for the both of you. You must change to let go of your ‘poor me’ attitude and behavior that you may have.

Step 3 Listen to yourself. Stop and change your language or your thoughts when you are ready to say a negative thought or complaint. If you have a pain or ache, for example, say “I release my need for pain” What will your world be like without that pain? Visualize a new way of being. Allow yourself to heal

Step 4 Do something nice for yourself that makes you feel good. Look at the sunrise each day or take a walk in a park or forest. Talk to a special friend (but not about your ‘poor me’stuff). Have a treat. Do something nice for someone else.

Step 5 Forgive those around you who have hurt your feelings. Send them love instead of talking badly about them. People who do bad things can benefit from love. This can be tough but sending love will make you feel better too.

Step 6 Start being aware of the gift of life you have received. It may be difficult at times but take a look around and be thankful for one thing each day. It can be as simple as someone smiling at you or saying thank you as you open a door for someone. Wake up to little things that you appreciate and soon you will have a whole list of things you like.

Step 7 Know that every experience is part of our spiritual journey and it has purpose, even if we can understand it. There is a Divine purpose for your life and you will discover it and wake up as you change from a ‘poor me’ into a ‘thankful me’.

Step 8 Love yourself and treat yourself well. Love others and feel their love for you. Expand your love and feel connected to others and your community. You will feel the difference as your live transforms into greater harmony and peace.

Step 9 Take good care of your health by eating well and exercising everyday. Meditate everyday to discover the beautiful inner you and feel the love of God within.

Step10 Enjoy the new you. You deserve to be happy and joyful. Others will benefit by your new way of being. Shine your inner light as brightly as you can. Say “Yes, Yes Yes” to having peace in your life and really mean it.  Now your every decision and creative action will come from your ‘Yes, Yes, Yes.”  It is time to enjoy your new way of living, a peaceful way.

Jane Rosalea Booth

IN SILENCE FRONT COVER smAuthor of In Silence, Discovering Self through Mediation

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