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A few years ago, my dear friend Maddy gifted me a poem that she wrote about the Summer Solstice.  Throughout history, people have celebrated on this day that brings in a new summer season in the northern hemisphere.  I have posted it before and I always read it each year on June 20-21st.  The Summer solstice is the time of blooming of the seeds planted in the spring.  It is a time to be grateful for the warmth and beauty of summer with its fruits and vegetables that are growing.  Summer is a creative time and a time for play, to connect deeply with nature and soak up all the beauty.  The sun’s rays are powerful and bring us life each day.  Let’s celebrate the summer solstice, the longest day of the year with gratitude for the sun (Ra) and share our love and gifts with others.

Here is Maddy’s poem

Namaste, dear glowing Jane!!! Ra Ra Ra !!!

Today’s song…sitting in the sun…

This day brings to me

The gift of glorious RA

Of warmth and light and growth.

How mindfully I breathe this day

Fulfilled in this nourishment

Conscious of this JOY filled gift!

As the sun rises within me, and fills me

How natural it is

To allow this warmth to radiate

And fill the World.


I smile at you,

And you are no stranger to my heart

Angel of the Sun

I gaze at my own reflection

In the eyes of the other

And there is no other,

Only our shared divinity.

The boundaries disappear

To touch the places of Oneness

Within our common heart.


Such an auspicious NOW

Stretching our limits.

“Thy Will Be Done”

Is the name of the river

That carries me along.

This day, I surrender my ego, my spirit–

To this eternal river.


Within me lives the birther

The builder

The center of the sun

Creating monuments of Love.

How right it is to play our wonders in the world!

Empowered by the sun within!


With thanks to Maddy.  And may we all be radiant suns! Blessings to all,

Peacefully, Jane




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