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In our Conscious Aging workshops we talked about becoming an elder and what that really means to us.  Being a conscious elder is different than just being old. We discovered that life is a process that leads us on a journey of awakening to ‘self’…who we truly are and what is our truth and passion. We have the opportunity as we age to become an elder who can finally feel a sense of freedom, joy, creativity.
Each of us is a seed of consciousness that grows and blooms.  Life presents us with lots of challenges.  It is how we respond to our challenges that creates healing and love in our lives.  When we discover how to let go of anger, regrets and grief, our hearts open and are full of love and gratitude.   When we ‘go with all your heart’ as Confucius says…an elder can be a powerful being, a loving being and one who brings comfort to those who are afraid of living fully.  Confucius also said if you are committed to being a Sage, you will become a Sage.  If you are committed to being worthy, you will be worthy.  So if you are committed to growing older consciously with awareness, with an open heart and accessible heart, you will be a conscious elder, a conscious being.
I think the greatest gift and elder can reveal to younger people is that they do not have to wait till they are an elder to experience awakening to truly loving yourself.  Indeed, this should happen when we are very young.  It is in our uniqueness that our beauty is revealed.  We can feel unity with others and share in community but not lose who we are.  We simply share what gifts we have with others and love is the biggest and grandest gift you have to offer!
Cathy Carmody wrote a poem about her process of becoming an elder~ a process of letting go or as she calls it ‘leaving behind’…and becoming something new.


Becoming an Elder

Leaving behind my journey of struggling and racing through
the white water of many rivers, I become the river,
creating my own unique way.

Leaving behind my self-imposed role as a tree upon
which others have leaned, I now become the wind,
with the freedom to blow whenever and wherever I choose.

Leaving behind the boxes I’ve created in my life, crammed with
roles, responsibilities, rules and fears,
I become the wild and unpredictable space
within which flowers sprout and grow.

Leaving behind the years of yearning for others
to see me as somebody,
I soften into becoming my future,
with permission from SELF to
continually unfold as I choose, without concern
for how others may see me.

Leaving behind years of telling and teaching,
I become instead a mirror
into which others can peer and
view reflections of themselves to consider.

Leaving behind the urge to provide answers for others,
I become – in the silence of this forest retreat
– the question.

Leaving behind the rigor of my intellect,
I become a single candle in the
darkness, offering myself as a beacon for others
to create their own path.

I become an elder.

This poem was written at a ‘Choosing Conscious Elderhood Retreat’ at the Sea to Sky Retreat Centre, British Columbia, Canada in August 2012. This retreat was offered by The Centre for Conscious Eldering.

Cathy Carmody died in 2017; her website www.cathycomody.com, continues to be a source of inspiration.  She gave permission for others to share her poem as long as she is credited as author.

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Our Evolving Spiritual Self

 We evolve as we grow into greater awareness of our spiritual self. We move more freely with less worry and distress as we discover who we truly are.  As our spiritual awareness grows through meditation and prayer, we begin to have greater connection with angels, spiritual guides and masters from beyond. This connection is very beautiful, comforting and also exciting. We begin to listen to this guidance and to trust that we are being assisted for our highest good. This evolving process is called ascension as our soul self becomes known to us and we begin to transform in many wonderful ways.

How do we experience Ascension?

  • Feeling a  deep loving presence within your heart
  • Experiencing  new and creative thoughts
  • Visions of  colours, lights, symbols or people in meditations
  • Sensing  that you are never alone
  • Knowing that there is nothing to fear
  • Feeling a  ‘oneness’ with all life
  • Seeing each  person a Beloved one, a child of God
  • Experiencing  a deep, intimate relations with God
  • Co-creating  with God as a responsible, caring being
  • Honouring  all life and becoming a steward of the earth
  • Allowing  God’s love to flow through you and out to others

Meditation provides the place to discover our whole self – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. It provides the silence and stillness so we can listen for guidance and receive the love that the Universe is sending us every moment.  All you have to do is stop, listen and then take steps of change to follow a new way of living. In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation provides the keys for ascension so you may follow a peaceful path each day.

Ascension is not just about ascending into heaven when we die. It is also about ascending in our daily life to live fully and happily with others.  Ascension is about loving life and creating a wonderful one in the present moment.

We all have the opportunity to experience a big shift or change in our ways, so we may ascend into a place of true peace and love.  What is exciting is that millions of people want peace and love in their lives, in spite of what we see on TV.  The world is full of loving people. We are ascending, one by one, into a spiritual life where we listen within and experience the love of God. New creative thoughts are bursting forth each day as we are guided to a new way of ‘being’. The time is now for our ascension into our truth and simply to ‘be’ our loving Self each day.

Peacefully Jane

Jane Rosalea Booth, BA, CSW, M.Div. USUI Reiki Master

Inner Peace Reiki

Equine Reiki for Horses


Peace and joy,


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As I am enjoying a quiet morning, I am focusing and concentrating on the mantra “I AM that I AM”  This mantra takes me into my Heart of Hearts, the place of silent awarenes where I feel the presence of God within and around me…ahhh…what a feeling.

“Still is your mind

Open is your heart

Tis not anywhere, not anyone

Tis Lightness, Self love

To radiate your love to others

To share your joy every moment

To be One in love

with All”

from “In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

“I AM that I AM”   “I AM that I AM”  “I AM that I AM”

“I AM”

Have a sweet day,


Visit Jane at The Golden Light Centre for Well-Being

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My mind has been very busy with many thoughts this past week.  Even my stomach is a little jittery this morning so I am going to let go of all these thoughts and have a day of listening rather than thinking and being emotionally attached to the past.  Everyone has messages for us to I’m going to be more aware of the people I’m around and simply listen mindfully.

Last evening at my Peaceful Path Meditation gathering we talked about being mindfulness and being in the present moment.  We live and breathe in the present moment and only there can we fully embrace our life.  It is so easy to slip into the past and relive events or move into the future, it in the present where we can love, be creative and live our passions.

Have a peaceful day,


Author of In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation


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 Since my recovery from Breast Cancer, almost a year and a half ago, I am thankful everyday.  Life is more vibrant and meaningful.  I appreciate all the small things that sometimes were ignored.  October is Breast Awareness Month.  I hope to offer Meditation workshops in Meaford for women (and men too) who have had breast cancer in November. Meditation was the key to my recovery and gave me courage and inner peace at a difficult time.  Please let me know if you are interest in forming a Meditation group. 

Here is the link to the Canadian Breast Cancer Society where there is lots of information and a place for donations.  Early detection is so important.  Please do not neglect self-examinations and mammograms. Some people perfer breast thermography, but I do not know much about them. 

We’re off for a walk on the beach.  It’s really warm here today on our Canadian Thanksgiving Day. I hope you are enjoying it too.

I am truly thankful for all my blessings,

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Peace and love,

Jane Rosalea




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