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Collectively, we are all experiencing the tragic events that continue to occur around the world. Our hearts break together for all the families who have lost loved ones.  So we all need ways to allow our minds and hearts to heal and to find inner peace. Each of us has the opportunity to shine, in our own ways, to create peace and love around us. We can help each other to ‘stay in love’ with life and have compassion for one another.

I know I am become frustrated by politicians and extremist groups who continue to create havoc.  But when I tap into the beauty of nature, the love of my friends and family, happy memories and songs that I love and take time to reflect and meditate on my blessings, my heart and mind begin to calm.  

The ancient Persian poet Rumi wrote,

The quieter we become, The more we can hear.” Rumi

This reminds me to listen quietly to others and to listen to the wisdom of my heart.  When we truly open to listen, we will hear the birds sing, the frogs croaking, and hear the heart beats of another. Listening creates a powerful, loving presence.


Peacefully, Jane

The Peaceful Way

Meaford, ON


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When I look back on my life in reflection, I realize that at times I was wandering aimlessly.  The strange thing is that during these times I felt like I was making good choices and moving forward.  Now I know I was with those who did not understand me and I did not understand them.  They did not understand my search for my ‘self’. I did wander aimlessly until I moved into my heart and began to love my ‘self’…then my life began to have more purpose and meaning. I began to meet people with whom I could “sit under a tree in blossom”…and embrace the light!  I began my Happiness Circles that became my Peaceful Way gatherings and experienced greater peace and love.


Don’t wander aimlessly!
by Rumi

My heart, sit only with those
who know and understand you.
Sit only under a tree
that is full of blossoms.

In the bazaar of herbs and potions
don’t wander aimlessly
find the shop with a potion that is sweet
If you don’t have a measure
people will rob you in no time.
You will take counterfeit coins
thinking they are real.

Don’t fill your bowl with food from
every boiling pot you see.
Not every joke is humorous, so don’t search
for meaning where there isn’t one.
Not every eye can see,
not every sea is full of pearls.

My heart, sing the song of longing
like a nightingale.
The sound of your voice casts a spell
on every stone, on every thorn.
First, lay down your head
then one by one
let go of all distractions.

Embrace the light and let it guide you
beyond the winds of desire.
There you will find a spring, and nourished by it sea waters;
like a tree you will bear fruit forever.

• Ghazal (Ode) 563, from
Rumi’s “Divan-e Shams” (“The Collection of Shams”), by Kolin and
Mafi, and by Professor Arberry:
–Translation by Azima Melita Kolin
and Maryam Mafi
“Rumi: Hidden Music”
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, 2001

Peacefully, Jane


A Peaceful Way, the way of the heart

Jane Rosalea Brown, BA, CSW, USUI Reiki Master,

You Can Make Hope Happen! Hope Haven Therapeutic Riding and Wellness Centre

Author ~ In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation Author name Jane Rosalea Booth

Inner Peace Reiki with Jane Rosalea Brown, USUI Reiki Master

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Meditation provides a space to deepen our awareness of what is best for us. Our heart,  our inner knowing is always within us and we can tap into our inner wisdom. Did you know you are a wisdom keeper? We all have learned so much from all our experiences. We can enter this inner space of self discovery every day…in each moment. Our wisdom is within us awaiting to be awakened.

Going into your silence in meditation will help you to find your life purpose, to create more love in your life as your expand your awareness and allow your divine spirit to guide and love you. Meditation is a spiritual practice. As you become more comfortable and relaxed, it will become natural for you and you will receive many benefits from this spiritual practice.

You will soon flow with more ease through daily life by the spiritual practice of ‘letting go’ in your meditation. This means releasing old patterns of fear and resistance that cause blockages to your success. In meditation, you surrender…let go…and begin to trust your inner guidance.

When you allow only positive, loving thoughts in your consciousness, you will be astounded what will expand and be reflected back to you…abundance of love, prosperity and inner peace.

Here is what I heard in a meditation when I was down, depressed and not sure what to do~

“The Light shines beyond the shadow

Move gently, my child, with grace

Be peaceful, tranquil, and joyous

Dance in merriment

Feel your heart song singing

Lifting you to new heights

Discard that which no longer serves.

Be still, listen

In peace and serenity

In silence, for messages of love.”

It took me awhile to ‘dance in merriment and to feel my heart song singing’, but what these words did for me was to remind me that somewhere inside me was my heart that wanted to be loved. I wanted love…when I realized this truth, I began to take steps to create a life where I could love more fully. And…I did receive many, many messages of love in my meditations, and I found love in my personal life. But this would not have happened if I had turned down my ‘invitation of love’that came from within during my meditations.

I love the words of Sufi poet Hafiz who wrote ~

I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.

Meditation helps us to see the ‘astonishing light’ of our own being, the way of our heart.

In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation can assist you to move deeply into your creativity, self-love and wisdom.

Peacefully, Jane


Jane Rosalea Brown, BA, CSW, USUI Reiki Master,

You Can Make Hope Happen! Hope Haven Therapeutic Riding and Wellness Centre

Author ~ In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation Author name Jane Rosalea Booth

Inner Peace Reiki with Jane Rosalea Brown, USUI Reiki Master

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For eons, people have searched for the answers of who were are and why are we here. They have looked to religions that have provided these answers. But for others, there seems to be something beyond religious dogma and rules for living that keeps them seeking for a greater Divine connection.

This Divine connection is called spirituality, a pathway to an intimate relationship with our Creator or Source whom many may call God or Goddess. For this article, I will simply refer to our Divine connection. We experience this relationship deeply within our heart as we meditate, pray, commune in nature, or listen to one another, in our daily lives.

In spirituality, we see this Divine connection in all life and within each person. I remember my minister at the United church, when I was a teenager, saying to me “All you need to remember, Jane, is that God is love.”  Those words have stayed with me my whole life.

But how do we really experience spirituality?

I believe daily meditation leads us to living deeply, to connect with all life through an open and accessible heart. With your open heart, you let go of your fears and allow miracles to occur in your life. You transform in so many wondrous ways. Get to know your spiritual self and experience the holistic union of your body, mind and spirit. A spiritual life is exciting as it encourages us to be creative, take risks, and live passionately.

 How spirituality helps

Spirituality can assist you in many ways:

  •  to honour all religious thought and teachings. Each religion holds the codes, rituals, symbols and ancient wisdom that helps us to ascend into greater light and love.
  •  to see is not a matter of right or wrong in spirituality. It is about each person’s heart opening to embrace love and reflecting that love in our daily lives.
  •  to honour one another’s path and allowing each person to grow and prosper. If we care deeply about one another, we will not allow anyone to suffer or to live in poverty.
  •  to envision a world where we are free to be who we are and where we know our life purpose…to serve and love one another…to create the life we want in radiant peace.
  • to live in harmony with the natural rhythms of the universe as we commune and care for our earth and nature.
  •  to ascend into a greater remembrance of who we are.

Life is always a great mystery for each of us to embrace.  The unknown leads us forward to greater discoveries.  Once you have experienced an intimate Divine connection, you feel connected in every moment. You have a knowing that you are never alone. When things are upsetting in your life, you know that it has greater meaning and that you can pass through these times and survive them with grace instead of depression and panic. Spirituality embraces all moments of our human existence and reveals to us our true being that we long to know and remember.



Jane Rosalea Brown, BA, CSW,  USUI Reiki Master

Graduate IONS Conscious Aging Facilitator

Author of In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

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In my meditations, I see light energies, sometimes glowing or sparkling, and they seem to guide me inward into my quiet place where I feel loved and peaceful.  After I meditate, I write what I remember or sometimes poems flow.  I don’t always understand the messages or poems that I received after my meditations.  It may take more reflection to have new insights, but whatever I write I see as a gift and as an expression of love that dwells in my heart.  In these chaotic days, it really is a gift to find peace within!  Stellar Light is always flowing…taking us into deeper knowing…

Stellar Light

The rose unfolds into the stellar light

Wisdom blooms with tenderness

In the depths of timelessness

Within the halls of knowing

Notes of cosmic essences play

Rays of illumination bloom

by Jane Rosalea Brown, January 15, 2014

Have a ‘stellar’ day!

Love and peace Jane


Author In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

What could be more important than revealing the wisdom of your heart?

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As the New Year 2018 approaches, I have decided not to think about making ‘resolutions’, but to renew a vow I made in 2004, when I was ordained as a Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking by the Beloved Community with James Twyman.  I vowed to create inner peace in my life and to assist others…in my family and community to create a ‘peaceful way’.

However, there have been moments, even days, when I have moved away from being peaceful and into worry or relationship drama, both new and old memories.  Fortunately, I do not linger in anger or sadness for very long.  I move into my heart space during meditation.  I used to think about ‘forgiving others’ who may have hurt my feelings or whom I may have hurt, but now I send the love…see them surrounded by love and I see myself surrounded by love.  For me, this action is much more powerful and healing than thinking about how to forgive them.  Love just forgives naturally!

It makes my heart sing to envision 2018 filled with love.  I am blessed with a loving family and friends who fill my heart with love every day.  I know how blessed I am and am deeply grateful.  I am blessed by visitors from all over the world who visit my blog.  I thank you for your interest and for your desire for a peaceful way.

Welcome 2018!  We open our hearts to you.  We embrace our challenges and open our creative consciousness to find peaceful solutions in our lives.  In love, there is peace.

May we strive to stay centered in a loving heart in everything we create.  I am making a vow of peace for my soul, my Beloveds, my friends and my community.  May we connect around the world in one heart.

Happy New Year to all,

Peacefully, Jane

cropped-jane2-469x640 Jane Rosalea Brown, BA, USUI Reiki Master

Author In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

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meditation beauty

As our days gradually lengthen, we have the opportunity to move into our winter season to spend quiet moments of reflection and to open to more light in our heart. As I meditate, I envision a beautiful golden light flowing through my body, mind and spirit. The winter solstice reminds us that light is ever shining. On days that seem sad and dark, I move within to my quiet place within my heart and spirit lightens me.  Even if I tap into this source of love for only a few minutes, I feel better.

So let us welcome light and love into our hearts today…

A welcoming light

A uniting of cells

Movement between worlds

Receiving and birthing

Allows for transitions

Comfort eases change

Weightless waves flow

All light becomes one

Jane Rosalea Brown

May light lift and keep you well. Enjoy the spirit of the season!


Jane Rosalea Brown, BA, CSW, USUI Reiki Master

Author of In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

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