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John O'Donohue

John O’Donohue wrote a wonderful book called Aman Cara.  In my Peaceful Way meditation group, we spent some lovely weeks reading it and reflecting on his insights about what is our relationship with our Aman Cara, our soul friend.

He also talks about aging and how our life comes together as we age . It is as if we gather together all the pieces of our journey. He says “old age offers the opportunity to integrate and bring together the multiplicity of directions that you have traveled.  It is a time when you can bring the circle of your life together to where your longing can be awakened and new possibilities can come alive in you.

I never thought of being older as a time of ‘new possibilities’ but now I am ‘older’ I realize how true this can be.  It definitely is a time where I feel more freedom.  I have let go of many regrets and disappointments as I realize I cannot change them.  Indeed, they were probably very good teachers for me.

We all have life challenges but we can learn at an earlier age how to cope with them and learn that we are creative beings that can make changes.  We are all creative beings.  Even if you think you are not creating, you are.  You have thoughts and opinions every day.  These thoughts are important because they influence your view of the world.

So how do we keep a positive view of the world when we see chaos?  We learn how to listen to our heart and we do this through learning to meditate or have quiet reflection time.  We learn to not hold onto anger and learn to forgive even the most difficult people or situations.  This can be difficult but if we really want to be ‘free’ and to have a happy life, we must transform and live from our hearts.

It is amazing how you will attract new people in your life as your energy lifts into a kinder and more compassionate place.  In the teaching of USUI Reiki, there are beautiful affirmations for practitioners of Reiki to integrate into their lives each day.  If you are having difficulty making changes, say these affirmations each day.

“Just for today,

I will not worry

I will not be angry

I will do my work honestly

I will give thanks for my many blessings

I will be kind to my neighbour and all living things”

If we all lived by these affirmations, the world would heal and live in peaceful communities.

Deep gratitude for John O’Donohue for all his beautiful poetry and blessings. John passed 10 years ago. His books are available on amazon.ca. https://www.johnodonohue.com/

Have a beautiful, peaceful day,


Jane Rosalea Brown, BA, USUI Reiki Master

Author In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

Author name: Jane Rosalea Booth



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In my meditations, I see light energies, sometimes glowing or sparkling, and they seem to guide me inward into my quiet place where I feel loved and peaceful.  After I meditate, I write what I remember or sometimes poems flow.  I don’t always understand the messages or poems that I received after my meditations.  It may take more reflection to have new insights, but whatever I write I see as a gift and as an expression of love that dwells in my heart.  In these chaotic days, it really is a gift to find peace within!  Stellar Light is always flowing…taking us into deeper knowing…

Stellar Light

The rose unfolds into the stellar light

Wisdom blooms with tenderness

In the depths of timelessness

Within the halls of knowing

Notes of cosmic essences play

Rays of illumination bloom

by Jane Rosalea Brown, January 15, 2014

Have a ‘stellar’ day!

Love and peace Jane


Author In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

What could be more important than revealing the wisdom of your heart?

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The lamps are different,
but the Light is the same.

One matter, one energy, one Light, one Light-mind,
endlessly emanating all things.

One turning and burning diamond,
one, one, one.

Ground yourself, strip yourself down,
to blind loving silence.

Stay there, until you see
you are gazing at the Light

with its own ageless eyes.


One of the most relaxing things I do before meditating is to light a candle.  It is a small ritual that begins my meditative time and it helps me to relax, reflect and pray.  I like to watch the flame flicker and bend but sometimes it is still and calm and I love its brilliant stillness.  I like to be alone at this time and allow my eyes to focus on the flame and enjoy its presence.

The candlelight sets the tone and assists me to feel the sacredness of my space. This light becomes a symbol for my Divine light within and around me, the ever flowing universal energy of our Source.   I allow myself to feel the love that is always presence in each moment.  As I begin to feel its presence, I give deep gratitude for each experience in my life and take time to reflect on happy memories.  Memories of sadness or regrets, I acknowledge but I do not dwell there…I let them go.  I focus on my breathing in and out and my mind and body are relaxed.

Then, I feel my eyes closing and I begin to enter a deeper place of consciousness where there is a wondrous connection with my inner light. Rumi reminds us in the poem above to look into our inner light “with its own ageless eyes.”  In this conscious space, I know I am safe, protected and loved in each moment.  I stay in my sacred inner sanctuary until I feel it is time to return to my room feeling relaxed and peaceful.  As I open my eyes, my small candle is still burning and I often sit for a few more minutes in silence and then gently blow it out to close my ritual. I continue my day with more courage and peace and a sense that I am never alone.

Peace and joy,

Jane Rosalea Booth

Author of In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation


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meditation beauty

As our days gradually lengthen, we have the opportunity to move into our winter season to spend quiet moments of reflection and to open to more light in our heart. As I meditate, I envision a beautiful golden light flowing through my body, mind and spirit. The winter solstice reminds us that light is ever shining. On days that seem sad and dark, I move within to my quiet place within my heart and spirit lightens me.  Even if I tap into this source of love for only a few minutes, I feel better.

So let us welcome light and love into our hearts today…

A welcoming light

A uniting of cells

Movement between worlds

Receiving and birthing

Allows for transitions

Comfort eases change

Weightless waves flow

All light becomes one

Jane Rosalea Brown

May light lift and keep you well. Enjoy the spirit of the season!


Jane Rosalea Brown, BA, CSW, USUI Reiki Master

Author of In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

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Slide1I cannot imagine my life without the practice of meditation. It has brought me through so many times where I felt frightened or alone.  Over 25 years ago I began offering Happiness Circles in my home.  In these circle gatherings we connected to what was important to us.  It was a time to discover what ‘spirit’ meant to each person. We gave thanks for all our blessings. We wanted guidance to move through our lives with more tolerance, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion and love.  We honoured each person’s right to religious and personal beliefs.  We were interested in moving more deeply into our core beliefs and bringing the best qualities of our values into our daily lives.  We all grew and transformed in so many ways.

Meditation became integrated into our daily lives…to begin our day, to tap into during our work day to de-stress, to end our day with a grateful heart. It was part of our ‘way’ of life as we created our own ‘peaceful way’.

I am fortunate that I am still connected to the people who joined me for my Happiness Circles that transformed into Peaceful Way workshops, retreats and weekly gatherings. Our group is called The Sisters of the Spirit Mandala, after the mandalas we made at our retreats and gatherings.

There are many ways to meditate.  In my book, In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation, I offer a very simple way to begin meditation.  It is still the ‘way’ I use today. I believe in simplicity and not a lot of complicated exercises and methods. However, you can choose whatever way appeals to you! For me, my meditation is a sacred moment.

Five Benefits of  Meditation for You!

Here are some of my thoughts on the benefits of meditation:

  1. Meditation is where the body and mind meet the Sacred. Meditation gives a Sacred place where we can face things about ourselves we might not be willing to share with other.
  2. Meditation gives us time to redefine who we are, what our goals are and discover what our purpose is.
  3. Meditation steers us back to simplicity. It is an art as it goes beyond words to catch the fluid, changing, wordless moods and feelings for which there is no vocabulary.
  4. Meditation enhances our sense of peace, connection and spirituality. It is the place to release our stress, anxiety and heart ache. It takes into our Sacred Heart, a place to forgive, to accept, to feel compassion and to be love.
  5. Within our Sacred Heart, we connect deeply with the Divine. From this connection we discover our true Essence, our divinity and truth.  You are the Beloved and you see the Beloved in each person.  From this “knowing” your life transforms and grows in love and peace.

If you are just beginning to meditate, take some time to sit quietly, allow your mind to quiet, relax your body with gentle breathing, feel love for yourself in your heart, and let go of anxious thoughts…move into your inner silence…ask for guidance…listen…relax in your peaceful place within…

Take a few minutes each day to meditate and allow yourself to transform into greater love and peace.

Peacefully, Jane


Jane Rosalea Brown, BA, CSW, USUI Reiki Master

Author of In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

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The world news is showing us so much upheaval that it can overwhelm us and move us into our fears.  So how do we rise above and have a new view, a new dream?  It takes a willingness on our part to make change.  But even when we are willing to change, things happen and it makes us difficult to move on.  But there is always hope and things can get better.

I am now a ten year cancer survivor.  Breast cancer really took me by surprise.  I had been thinking positive thoughts, meditating and working at my wellness centre.  I thought I was doing everything to be well and healthy. So I went through a lot of self-reflection of my life, my values and spiritual beliefs.  I made changes as I healed.

Fortunately, something told me I was well.  I felt it from within and heard those words in my meditations…”All is well.” I began to ask all my friends and family to only think of me as being well.  I saw myself going through an operation that would remove part of me that was not well. I was being protected and I had trillions of cells that were well!!  I focused on those cells in my body and each day I told them that I loved them.  Now, I know this may sound silly but Quantum Science tells us that cells respond to sound and they respond to cells near them.  Healthy cells will overcome unhealthy cells.  So I still tell my cells that I love each one of them everyday.  I also send them Reiki each day. I do my best to eat well and exercise each day. I have even started to go horseback riding after 22 years and loving every minute!

But meditation is the key for me.  It provides a shelter and protection where I can share my thoughts, release my fears to the universe, and stay centered in love.  I meditate each morning for a few minutes to visualize the kind of day I would like to have.  If I have a problem, I ask for guidance.  If a loved one needs help, I ask for assistance.  I send love to all my family and beloved friends.  I visualize a world where people are compassionate and care about each other and live in peace.  I know there are billions of loving people who want a safe world for their children.

I realized that I control my thoughts.  No one can make me sad, angry or fearful.  These feelings are mine and I am responsible for them.  We all have reasons to be angry and to be upset but we have to learn to stay in peace, to be in love with ourselves and with others.  This is quite a task~but it is possible.  I know I must be willing to love me, to accept myself as I age (with all its changes), and most of all to love you.

Together, we can all have abundance, love and joy.  These are some words I heard in a meditation…



The time is yours to live and explore

To love as never before

Listen to your heart

You will know the way


When you are in doubt, breathe in, be still, and feel through your heart…love is the way…the answer to all your problems…the way to move through each day.

Much love to all,

Peacefully, Jane

Jane Rosalea Brown, BA, CSW

Author, In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

USUI Reiki Master



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The book “Anam Cara, A Book of Celtic Wisdom” by John O’Donohue is about ‘soul friend relationships.  He speaks of physical ‘soul friends’ and a spiritual ‘soul friend’ that we experience within our prayers and meditations or perhaps our inner voice that speaks to us during the day.

Relationships are the key to everyday life.  The success of our daily relationships with one another determines our emotional happiness and contributes to our sense of self.  People reflect back to us many views about ourselves or anything else that is happening in our families, work, communities or world events.  We have so many different kinds of relationships, but they all assist us to make choices about how we want to live in our world.  Loving relationships create peaceful, happy environments where we care about one another and want the ‘other’ to be well and happy too. I feel deeply that I have an “anam cara” relationship with my husband Ian and my children.  I am truly blessed by my women friends’ deep soulful connections.

I have misunderstood relationships in the past with some people whom I have thought were an ‘anam cara’ but perhaps were not.  I am learning that I can feel a deep soul connection with a person and think that the person feels the same way but sometimes they do not.   So do I feel rejected or do I love this person more deeply?

Years ago I know I felt rejected, but now I look at the relationship and ask “What gift did this person give to me?  What do I know about myself that I didn’t know before? How does this person fit into my life or is it time to move on knowing the soul is always connected?”  Reiki has taught me the energy and power of love to heal and to balance my emotions.  Conscious Aging, a program I offered last year, is still teaching me about detachment and personal wisdom. My ‘anam cara’ relationships teach me vulnerability, intimacy, trust and deep unconditional love.

Life is quite a journey that unfolds to present us with exact event and initiations (transformations) that will assist our soul to grow more deeply in love…with all souls.  Look at all the conflicts in the world!  People wanting to control and fight one another.  The world needs each of us to discover our inner ‘Aman Cara’ to be a best friend to ourselves.  The other day I heard someone say, ‘If someone doesn’t love you, love yourself!”  He was a life skills teacher in South Africa.  What a big step it is to love our Self, heal our hurts through forgiveness, and to share that love with others.

It is truly magical when soul friends are together!  Judgment leaves and love reigns!

Know that each person has a place of love within.  Each is a little child who needs to be loved and deserves to live in a safe environment.  I remember I was mad at my Mother when I was a young woman.  Someone said ‘If you could see your mother as a 3 year old child, what would you say to her?”  This thought really helped to release my anger with my mother.  The next time I saw her, I gave her a really big hug just as if she were 3 years old.  I realized that my mother always had unconditional love for me and I had it for her as well.  John O’Donohue says “Love allows understanding to dawn, and understanding is precious.”

So I hope you discover your ‘Aman Cara, soul friend and are “graced with affection.”  Your heart can learn a new way of feeling, of being in a relationship that awakens you to a new unity with another, a Beloved, your soul…

Peacefully, Jane

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Jane Rosalea Brown, BA, CSW, USUI Reiki Master

Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking

Author, In Silence Discovering Self through Meditation

Author name: Jane Rosalea Booth



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