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“A tulip doesn’t strive to impress anyone. It doesn’t struggle to be different than a rose. It doesn’t have to. It is different. And there’s room in the garden for every flower. You didn’t have to struggle to make your face different than anyone else’s on earth. It just is. You are unique because you were created that way. Look at little children in kindergarten. They’re all different without trying to be. As long as they’re unselfconsciously being themselves, they can’t help but shine. It’s only later, when children are taught to compete, to strive to be better than others, that their natural light becomes distorted”.  ~Marianne Williamson

Learn to Love Yourself – Oliva Newton John



Peacefully, Jane


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19558229-fairy-tail-forest-nymph-beautiful-sexy-woman-at-spring-garden-wearing-long-dress-sitting-on-blooming  Happy Earth Day, April 22, 2016

Connecting with our earth each day helps us to appreciate all the blessings nature provides for us.  On this Earth Day, let us commit to being guardians of the earth to keep it healthy and sustainable for our children and future generations.  We are all ‘earth keepers’ and are responsible for its care.

Each day find time to consciously connect with nature…the trees, animals, birds, insects and plants…to ‘know the earth’ deeply…

Knowing the Earth | Nancy Wood

To know the Earth on a first-name basis
You must know the meaning of river stones first.
Find a place that calls to you and there
Lie face down in the grass until you feel
Each plant alive with the mystery of beginnings.
Move in a circle until you discover an insect
Crawling with knowledge in its heart.
Examine a newborn leaf and find a map of a universe
So vast that only Eagles understand.
Observe the journey of an ant and imitate its path
Of persistence in a world of bigger things.
Borrow a cloud and drift high above the Earth,
Looking down at the smallness of your life.
The journey begins on a path made of your old mistakes.
The journey continues when you call the Earth by name

As a little girl I spent hours in my backyard lilac tree.  It was my private sanctuary where the lilac tree sheltered me gently and talked to me! The above picture brought back this lovely childhood memory.

Peacefully, Jane

11709538_10152829565162303_6161609573751527717_nJane Booth Robertson,BA, CSW, USUI Reiki Master

Author ~ In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

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Conscious Aging

I am currently offering IONS Conscious Aging Program in Meaford.  Conscious Aging means something unique to each individual as we are talking about how we view the world.  Our worldview comes from our life experiences.  As we move into the last third of our lives, we may deny that we are getting older or ignore the aging process, but soon we come to a moment of realization that in this part of our life we must face our aging process.

Who likes to talk about the end of our life?  Not many of us, but if we learn what ‘conscious aging’ is about we learn the practice tools of transformation and healing that change our view of aging as we begin to embrace the present moment. Realizing we only have this ‘present moment’ where we can actually breathe, feel our emotions, create something new, reflect on our hopes and dreams and live fully, is the key to creating peace and harmony as we age.

Research shows that people with a positive view of their elder years live longer and enjoy their lives more.   Each person has their own aging challenges, so growing older is different for each of us. So how do we deal with aging challenges and still embrace conscious aging that encourages us to have a more positive view of life in spite of these challenges?

We find a practice such as meditation to heal our past hurts, to forgive ourselves and others, and begin to love ourselves deeply.  Living deeply…love, self-compassion, forgiveness, creating legacy, embracing our passions…is the transformation of our heart.  We open our hearts and live from it, no matter what our external circumstances are.  We stay connected to others, take good self care and enjoy our life by tapping into the beauty of nature, of our friends and community.

Living from an open and accessible heart becomes our ‘way’ with practice.  If we are willing to transform, our lives transform and we can live many years with passion and vitality.  This is not a dream…but a reality.  Those who are becoming elders now have a new vision for their elder years.  It is not sitting and fading away but becoming elders who still contribute to their families and communities…but mostly they allow themselves to continue to evolve, grow and bloom…

In Tolstoy’s War and Peace, the character Pierre discovered the meaning of Conscious Aging as his worldview transformed:

I may have appeared strange and queer then, he thought, but I was not so mad as I seemed. On the contrary, I was wiser and had more insight than at any other time; and I understood all that is worth understanding in life, because…I was so happy,

Pierre’s insanity consisted in not waiting , as he used to do, to discover personal grounds, which he called ‘good qualities’, in people before loving them; love filled his heart to overflowing and in loving his fellow-men without cause he never failed to discover incontestable reasons that made them worth loving.”

War and Peace , Leo Tolstoy, p1333

The ‘Conscious Aging’ process is for those who are willing to do ‘inner work’…reflect on how they feel about themselves and others, forgive and heal about the past, develop a Life Review to bring forth what they love into the present moment, transform limiting thoughts and create a new vision of what it means to age.  This is an exciting, transformative and rewarding process.

I am honoured to be facilitating this program in Meaford, ON. and look forward to offering it again in the fall.  Please visit: http://www.consciousagingsite.wordpress.com.  Contact Amber Knott for registration for the fall. aknott@meaford.ca

Peacefully, Jane


11709538_10152829565162303_6161609573751527717_nJane Booth Robertson

Author ~ In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

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Such Singing in the Wild Branches

It was spring and I finally heard him among the first leaves–– then I saw him clutching the limb

in an island of shade with his red-brown feathers all trim and neat for the new year. First, I stood still

and thought of nothing. Then I began to listen. Then I was filled with gladness–– and that’s when it happened,

when I seemed to float, to be, myself, a wing or a tree–– and I began to understand what the bird was saying,

and the sands in the glass stopped for a pure white moment while gravity sprinkled upward

like rain, rising, and in fact it became difficult to tell just what it was that was singing–– it was the thrush for sure, but it seemed

not a single thrush, but himself, and all his brothers, and also the trees around them, as well as the gliding, long-tailed clouds in the perfect blue sky–––all of them

were singing. And, of course, so it seemed, so was I. Such soft and solemn and perfect music doesn’t last

For more than a few moments. It’s one of those magical places wise people like to talk about. One of the things they say about it, that is true,

is that, once you’ve been there, you’re there forever. Listen, everyone has a chance. Is it spring, is it morning?

Are there trees near you, and does your own soul need comforting? Quick, then––open the door and fly on your heavy feet; the song may already be drifting away.

-Mary Oliver


Enjoy your spring walks!

Peacefully, Jane

11709538_10152829565162303_6161609573751527717_nJane Booth Robertson

Author ~ In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

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by: Melissa Carver, Ph.D.

An equinox is an astronomical event in which the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the center of the Sun, causing day and night to be of approximately equal duration all over the planet. Our planet has two yearly equinox events, one in spring and one in fall.

The spring equinox is a time of rebirth for all life on our planet. As winter places us in a life of darkness, equinox comes to rejoice with more hours of sunlight. All life on Earth is dependent upon the sun. It’s not difficult to see that every living creature and plant is in celebration at the time of spring equinox. Birds sing praise, flowers open wide, bees dance, and babies of all species are born.

What does this mean for you? Spring is a beautiful reminder for us humans to transform ourselves as well as our home. You may feel energized and more alive than you have in months. This is because our sacred sun has returned to bring new beginnings and balance. While the day and night are in equal balance, the brain, body, and nature follow this lead naturally. Here are some ideas on how you can personally get the most from spring equinox.


You have probably heard the term “spring cleaning” your entire life. This is because your ancestors knew the importance of the equinox and the role it plays even indoors. Here are some ways you can refresh your home environment.

  • Open windows as often as possible this time of year. Welcome the new beginnings that seem to blow in through the breeze of a warm spring day.
  • Go through your home from top to bottom, searching through every corner and getting rid of what you no longer use. Our house rule: If it hasn’t been used in a year, we don’t need it. Although there may be a few things that this rule does not apply to, it generally holds true for each home. Detach from these items, allowing room for new as well as space to feel uncluttered. This is one of the most important items on your spring to-do list.
  • Deep clean your home, including windows, heat/AC filters, ceiling fans, etc.
  • Have your children go through their toys. Give each child a box and allow them to fill the box on their own. This is a rebirth for them, as well as reducing work for you.
  • Smudge your home after cleaning.

If you are busy outside the home or feel you will not have time to complete these tasks, consider hiring help. It is worth the money spent for a cleared living space, which creates a cleared mind.


You are just as much a part of nature as the tree you view from the window. With that said, flow with the natural balance that accompanies the rebirth of spring. What is your personal rebirth? This could be spiritual, physical, a new career, or relocating. These easy steps will allow you to discover what you would like to be top priority. Often in life we are aware we want something to change, we may even know what we would like the end result to be, but what must we change first? What new, fresh idea is worthy of our attention?

  • Meditate for 20 minutes each day. Begin the meditation by asking, “Who am I?” You may have asked as well as answered this question in previous meditations. This is a question that has an ever-evolving answer. The Universe may have a surprise answer for you this spring.
  • Spend as much time in the sun as possible. Temperatures are warm and welcoming in the spring. The equinox sun has a vibrational energy that sparks liveliness and new ideas. Just be sure to protect yourself from the sun and soak safely.
  • List the top three things in your life that you are ready to birth. While writing also visualize the end result.
  • Practice the Law of Least Effort. Spring equinox is pure rebirth everywhere we look, so allow your mind and body to harmonize with this and release the thoughts that create paradox.
  • Make time for Sun Salutations by appreciating the sun, giving thanks, and allowing your body to connect as one with the force.
  • Establish a fun ritual with your family, such as celebrating with an outdoor activity that involves color. For some, this is the traditional egg hunt, but you can create your own unique household tradition. Painting flowerpots for the birth of plants, planning a colorful meal where each guest brings a designated color, or planting seeds and marking each row with colorful ribbon are all ideas.

Play often this spring! Take the last list of ideas and continue to build on them. Some adults may look at play as ‘a waste of time,’ but I assure you it is quite the opposite. If you live in a cold climate, you may even have a bit of cabin fever or seasonal depression. The results from this can create blockage in any rebirth or creative ideas. Play, especially outside, will:

  • Revive youthfulness
  • Increase brain activity
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Relieve stress

The temperatures in spring are perfect for running, playing, hiking, and enjoying any of your other favorite activities. Bask in all that is new around you.


Slide1In my book, In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation, I share about ‘creative consciousness’. This guest article also shows how meditation can expand your creativity! Jane Rosalea Booth

5 Ways to Improve Creativity Through Meditation

by: Tamara Lechner

Artists and art lovers alike have gathered the evidence to support their belief that unless you are filled with angst like Bob Dylan, Alanis Morissette, or Ernest Hemingway, you might not be able to tap into your creativity. Even Socrates and Plato historically took “melancholic habitus” (a sulking holiday) in order to fan the flames of their creative minds. It’s understandable how in today’s analytical world you might think that this evidence proves angst and unhappiness are the fuel required to create. I’m excited to share with you that meditation actually provides the same opportunities to boost and fuel your creativity without the downside of angst, such as stress and unhappiness which often lead to poor health, both mentally and physically.

Creativity is multifaceted; we have the brain level, as well as the creative process itself. The process usually involves inspiration followed by action. Where does the inspiration come from? If I was able to look into the brain, I would not find a storage space filled with poems waiting to be written or art bursting to be put on canvas. Where do the ideas form? How do they get manifested? Creativity looks different for each individual.

“Ideas are driven by a single impulse: to be made manifest.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

Time Alone

Perhaps it isn’t the angst, the sadness, or the morose mood that inspires creativity but the things that happen when we are sad. Sadness can make us more focused and diligent; we tend to withdraw and have a little retreat. Quite often when you’re unhappy, angry, or taking a melancholic habitus what you’re really doing is finding space to be alone.

Meditation is commonly practiced in space alone. And even if you are meditating with a group, it’s the practice that takes your attention inward. Studies in neuroscience have discovered that solitary and inwardly focused reflection employs the brain differently and we use a different network then when we’re focusing outward so meditation is a tool for inward focus. In fact, our best ideas come when we are not engaged with the outside world.

Intuition arises from unconscious, or spontaneous, information-processing systems, and it plays an important role in how we think or reason. It also plays a big role in creativity. If you are constantly questioning yourself rather than trusting your instinct, it’s impossible to be spontaneous which is deeply attached to creative freedom. Experienced meditators know that they develop a heightened awareness and they begin to see a series of spontaneous right choices in their lives. This self-trust fosters the freedom to follow the creative thoughts without judging the process.


Studies have associated mindful meditation with many cognitive and psychological benefits, such as:

  • Improved task concentration
  • Sustained attention, empathy, and introspection
  • Enhanced memory
  • Improved learning

Many of these are central to creativity. Neuroscientists who study creativity have found that creativity does not involve a single brain region or even a single side of the brain, as the “right brain” myth of creativity suggests; instead, it draws on the whole brain.

The second chakra, Svadhisthana, is known as the chakra for creativity. The mantra sound that corresponds to this chakra is the sound “VAM.” By chanting VAM, the vibrations will open and align this chakra. The color is orange and the gemstones for this chakra are amber, calcite orange, carnelian, or hematite.

5 Tips to Increase Creativity through Meditation

1.       Be playful with your meditation. Overthinking kills creativity and keeps your mind outward rather than inward.

2.       Plant seeds, but then let the universe work out the details. Maybe what you want is a great idea for your novel but you aren’t meditating with the purpose of attaining the idea. You can have the thought that your meditation is awakening creativity but after that thought is planted, like seeds in the garden, you just let it grow. No digging it up to see if it’s growing. Just trust that it will grow—that your idea is already sprouting.

3.       Try guided meditation if you usually practice silently. The “awaken your creativity” meditation here is a great choice, and one of many you can find that aims at tapping into your creative mind.

4.       Try silent meditation if you usually listen to guided meditations. Or try a group meditation in your city. The energy of group meditation is very different than individual meditation. Sometimes change is exactly what’s needed to rev the creative engines.

5.       Be mindful outside of meditation. Creativity comes in many forms. Your personal style, how you plate your food, or how you deliver reports at work all require creativity. Put your attention on creativity and watch how it blossoms. Heighten your awareness of where you are creative to train your brain to think creatively.

Remember: Creativity isn’t reserved for certain people who are more inspired or unique, it’s in us all just waiting for a chance to come out.

“Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found.” – Eckhart Tolle

– See more at: http://www.chopra.com/ccl/5-ways-to-improve-creativity-through-meditation?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=CCL%20Newsletter%20160308&utm_campaign=March#sthash.skuQ0Bt9.dpuf


Awakening the Divine Within…In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

Experience the essence of Divine within you and access parts of yourself that have been dormant (or just parts that have been resting, waiting to be stirred again!) and are now ready to come out so that you may experience and remember the spiritual awakening path that awaits you!

“Ye are a carrier of divine love

In each consciousness the call and yearning

To drink from the chalice flows

The Sacred Heart within holds the remembrance,

Of purity, simplicity, of unity of consciousness” by Jane Booth


I created In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation, for you

  • to easily learn to meditate
  • begin to discover you own inner wisdom
  • reduce your stress and fears
  • experience a deep connection with spirit
  • discover the secret wisdom nature beings holds
  • practice transformative tools that can change your life
  • empower yourself to create the life you deserve

I share with you how meditation really helped me through some tough times.  It is amazing how your life transforms as you discover more about yourself!

Order today at Trafford or Amazon.ca.  Let me know how meditation benefits you!  I would love to hear from you.

To Order: Trafford Publishing Click here http://bookstore.trafford.com/Products/SKU-000161345/In-Silence.aspx

For those in Meaford ON.  Pick up your copy at Muxlow’s

Join me for my Peaceful Way programs and Conscious Aging Workshops!



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