Crows have been following me on my walks and calling out to me.  So today I took a look at the “The Wisdom of Crow” from ‘In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation“.  In my book I share the ‘wisdom’ of some my nature teachers who are close to me. Each has its own message for me. Perhaps the crows were calling me to remember their message in my book.

“The Wisdom of Crow – Ancient Ones


 Crow tells of Ancient teachings

On tablets of stone

It is time of great gatherings, great awakenings

Heed the voice, the song of love

Share with joy your ancient days

Heed the call of the loving essences

Star of the Ancients leading you forth

The call of Crow awakened you to be aware of messages from within, from others, from nature. These messages come in words, sounds or symbols and from our animal teachers. Tap into the universal consciousness to learn the ancient laws of the universe. Listen and grow in love. The Ancient Ones say the past does not have to be repeated, but the lessons remembered. ” Jane Rosalea Booth, In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation, p110

 Become aware of the elements, animals, plants in nature who are attracting your attention. What feelings do they evoke?  What memories do they recall?  Allow nature to teach and guide you into greater knowing of who you are.

May the Crows call to you to remember your inner wisdom, love and peace.

Peacefully, Jane


11709538_10152829565162303_6161609573751527717_nJane Rosalea Brown,BA, CSW, USUI Reiki Master

Author ~ In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation, Jane Rosalea Booth (author name)

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Jane Rosalea Brown


Meditation now provides me with a shelter of protection, a place of peace and the courage to see each day as a “beginning…”   The messages in this book are manifestations of my discoveries about love, daily life, nature’s teachers and the infinite beauty of our mysterious Universe.  It is in silence, the place of quiet stillness within, that I discover the truth of the loving essence of the Divine Spirit that begins to merge with my inner self and then becomes reflected in each moment of my life.   It is in the experience of Divine Union of Oneness that  leads me from seeking for “something” to just “being”.  From this space, I am accepting and feel blessed for all my experiences and look forward to new adventures and the unknown.”  From In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation, by Jane Rosalea Booth

Ten years later….

I wrote those words 10 years ago and they still ring true for me. I am still on a life journey of knowing my ‘self’ and shedding ways and habits that do not resonate with my inner self’s call to be loving and peaceful in each moment.  Still a challenge at times!  But in the past 10 years I have become more aware of those ‘experiences’ of my life that still hold wisdom and guidance to assist me through my next 10 years if I take the time for reflection and for letting go of past hurts or regrets.

I am looking forward to ‘new adventures’.  I am growing each day in greater trust that my life will unfold in mysterious ways, wonderful ways, greater ways than I can ever imagine!  It is this ‘unknown’ factor about life that keeps us moving forward even in our elder years if we stay open, flexible and never lose our curiosity about what life is all about.

In silence, in meditation, I discover my soul essence, my soul voice, my connection to all life, all spirit and all the love that permeates through the universe.  I open to the cosmic universal rhythms when I dance, sing, write poetry, walk by the water and woods or meditate.  I feel a deep purpose for my ‘being’ here in this moment.

I still meditate on the messages in my book, In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation and receive new insights.  I am not the same person as I was ten years ago but what amazes me is how the words from my meditations have even greater richness and meaning for me now!  So I encourage you to write down your thoughts or ‘messages’ you receive after you meditate.  In my book, I share with you how to meditate and to manifest the life you desire!  Discover tools and insights to expand your views, to age well and to live with an open and accessible heart in the most challenging of times.

Peacefully Jane

Jane Rosalea Brown, BA, CSW

Author of In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

Author name ‘ Jane Rosalea Booth’



Dedicated to the ‘Peace Pilgrim” by Jane Rosalea Brown

I walk for peace
Out of my daily comforts
Out of my abiding home
Onto a bare road going forward
North winds harsh against my face
Little food, parched lips, tired legs
I seek shelter beneath a bridge
Too damp and musty, I move on
A light shines bright, I turn away
A voice calls out for me to stop
An invitation “Come in for the night”
Word of my arrival preceded my steps
With humbleness, I enter with gratitude
A warm shelter, hot tea and cozy cot
I rest peacefully, serene in the knowing
At dawn, alone in silent receptiveness
Amid the nurturing beauty of nature
I walk alone with the love and grace of God
I walk for peace
Inspired by “Peace Pilgrim” Her Life and Work in her Own Words”  Jane Rosalea Brown


Alone she walks

Gratitude fills her calm heart

A pilgrim of peace

Jane Rosalea Brown


11709538_10152829565162303_6161609573751527717_nJane Rosalea Brown,BA, CSW, USUI Reiki Master

Author ~ In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

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Jane Rosalea Brown



Try to remember

6983662615_403ea52af8_m Remembering…

I came across the song “Try to remember”.  It is a mellow song calling us to recall earlier times in our lives when we were happy and bring those feelings into the present.  This is a good practice of reflection on our lives but often it is not an easy task if things are difficult for us in the present.  But looking back our lives we can tap into the strength and courage we had to move through life’s challenges and know we can use what we have learned to deal with today’s challenges.

Hopefully, we have learn not to ‘sweat’ the small stuff and look at a bigger picture to discover what really has meaning and brings us peace.  Perhaps we can embrace different ‘small stuff’ to bring us happiness…a smile, a hug, a kind word…and return these things to others.  I remember when my brother had cancer and his days were short how he loved me to put my hand on his head.  This simple gesture and touch of love brought him happiness.

We do not have to be ill to awaken and remember who we truly are and what we can share with others in so many ways.  This morning a neighbour invited me and my dog down to the beach area in front of her property.  It was a great treat for Max to run and play with his friend Marley.  I so appreciated this invitation, a simple gesture.

So my spiritual practice for today is reflecting back on my life ‘to try to remember’ those moments that I may have not thought of for some time that help me to bring into this present moment parts of me, parts of my true nature, that may help me to move into my wholeness now.

It still astonishes me that at my age I am still learning more about my ‘self’, my joys, my fears, my dreams, my hopes.  I am still learning…

Enjoy this song “Try to Remember”…remember when you look back on your life do it as an Observer, not as a critic. Bring forward what will assist you in this moment!

Meditate on your thoughts. Relax in the moment.  Be silent and let your heart recall some meaningful times.  Then you may want to journal, draw, write a poem, make a collage card about what was revealed to you.

Peacefully, Jane

11709538_10152829565162303_6161609573751527717_nJane Brown Robertson,BA, CSW, USUI Reiki Master

IN SILENCE FRONT COVER smAuthor ~Jane Rosalea Booth  In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

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Dear Friends,

I invite you to a workshop series called “Conscious Aging”that is truly transformative for those who are willing to discover a new view of aging.  It will give you the ways and practices you need for happiness and contentment as you age. There is a positive way and vision that can change your life!  Enjoy a relaxed setting where we share in conversations with others, enjoy inspirations for reflection from articles, music, poetry and other creative activities.

I learned so much about aging from the Conscious Aging program. I discovered some of my limiting views of aging that I could change. Now, I can move through my aging process with greater ease and comfort with less fear and anxiety. I am excited about sharing this program with you.  It has changed my view of aging from seeing the media view of aging as downward slope to an enriching time with freedom and a time to enjoy what has heart and meaning to me.

Join me this fall for a new series beginning Oct.6/16 !  Register today! Please visit Conscious Aging website for more details about the program series.


Meaford Lifestyle Fall  2016 Program

Conscious Aging Workshops Series

  Cultivate Wisdom, Connect with Others,

Celebrate Life

With Jane Brown Robertson

Authorized IONS Conscious Aging Facilitator

The IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) Conscious Aging is a program that offers you a profound new vision of just what it means to grow older. This renewed awareness helps you to recognize the rich potential you can tap into at midlife and beyond. That is why we say conscious aging is better aging 

Discover what it means to age consciously and how there is a big difference between simply becoming old and aging consciously.

Do you find yourself struggling with some of the challenges of aging?

  • Would you like to explore the possibility of turning the challenges of aging into opportunities for growth?

  • Are you curious about the gifts of aging?

  • Would you like to connect to a like-minded community?

 If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then the Conscious Aging Workshop is for you!

Register today for Fall 2016 Conscious Aging  Workshops

Please register by Sept.15th to have workbooks for 1st session.

To Register:  Contact: Amber Knott 519 538-1060 ext. 1200 

email:  aknott@meaford.ca

Supervisor, Recreation Programs , Municipality of Meaford

Location:  Meaford & St. Vincent Community Centre & Arena

Date:  Every  Thursday afternoons beginning October 6th – November 24th, 2016

Time:  1:00 pm.- 3:30 pm.

Fee: $130.00  8 workshops, includes 118 Page Workbook

$20.00 per workshop if registered individually (workbook not included)

$30.00 workbook Conscious Aging a Self-Reflections and Conversation Circles Guide” created by IONS (sold only to workshop participants who register for individual workshops)

 An 118-page workbook has been produced as a companion to the Conscious Aging program. Developed by Kathleen Erickson-Forder, Elder Education Program Manager with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), this workshop has been field-tested and tremendously well received across a broad range of settings in the United States and Canada.

conscious-agingworkbook Please visit Conscious Aging website for more details about the program series.


As an IONS Authorized Conscious Aging Facilitator, Jane Rosalea Brown (formerly Booth-Robertson), BA, CSW is honored to support you on this rich and meaningful journey. These workshops are available to individuals (private sessions), groups and organizations. 

Follow Jane on Twitter @janerbooth

Enjoy the beauty and radiance of the Full Moon tonight!

Full Moon Meditation

Everyone seems to feel the affects of a full moon.  Some people appear very restless and uneasy.  Others feel energized.  Somehow the energy of the moon calls us to pay attention so we may transform and grow.   Since ancient times, people have gathered and prayed during this time as they honoured the energy of the moon.  Native Americans call her Grandmother Moon.

A full moon on a clear night is always breathtaking.  In the stillness of the night Grandmother Moon’s brilliance radiates to us.  We can feel an energy that opens us to be our ‘fullest’ at this time.  The time of the full moon is a time to give and share with others and a time to receive understanding, guidance and abundance.   It is a time to receive clarity so we may transform so all our actions and thoughts evolve through our heart love.  The full moon is always a time of cleansing as we release our fears and ways that no longer serve us. It allows us to bring forth our inner power and beauty.

Full Moon Meditation

If you can, take time outdoors during the full moon and soak up its beauty.  Feel the energy of its rays expanding you so you may have a broader view, a wiser view, a cosmic view of the universe.  Raise your hands over your head and feel the joy of the moon.  Open your heart to send love to other beings on earth and to the earth herself.  Bring your hands over your heart and feel the deep love of Grandmother Moon within.  Allow this Divine Feminine love to flow into every part of your body to comfort and heal and balance your energy.

Now send this love out into the universe. Ask for blessings for Mother Earth and all peoples.  Envision a peaceful world with clean water, abundance of food and compassionate hearts. Give great gratitude for experiencing this beautiful moment in the moonlight and for all your blessings…for the gift of life.

If you cannot go outside, you can still connect indoors.  Light a candle to represent the moon or simply close your eyes and meditate about the beauty of the full moon and all her blessings.

Enjoy your meditation in the moonlight.  Feel the joy within and celebrate as if all your prayers and dreams have already happened.  Each day hold the feeling of joy and allow the universe to bring to you what you desire to manifest.  Share these joyful feelings of Grandmother Moon’s radiance with everyone you meet.

Pay attention to how you are feeling during the next full moon.  Grandmother Moon may have some guidance for you.

Peacefully Jane



11709538_10152829565162303_6161609573751527717_nJane Brown Robertson,BA, CSW, USUI Reiki Master

IN SILENCE FRONT COVER smAuthor ~Jane Rosalea Booth  In Silence, Discovering Self through Meditation

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I invite you to the fall session of Conscious Aging Workshop series in Meaford ON.

Shift your view of aging from fear to growth!

The last third of our life is unique with its own purpose with gifts of wisdom, deep values and spirit to embrace. Overcome anxiety of aging and its challenges and discover ways to ease and to embrace our aging process with new views and practices. I look forward to seeing you!

Visit the Conscious Aging Website http://www.consciousagingsite.wordpress.com

To Register you may come to the Meaford Wellness Fair, September 17th 11:00 am – 2:00 pm. 151 Collingwood St. Meaford, ON  See you there!

Or Call Amber Knott, Municipality of Meaford, 519-538-1060 Ext. 1200 to register for the fall workshops.

Please register by Sept 17th. 


11709538_10152829565162303_6161609573751527717_nJane Brown Robertson is an authorized IONS Conscious Aging Facilitator offering Conscious Aging workshops in Meaford and Grey County, ON

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